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  1. GiGy 2015 R1P3D18

    LIW 269.4
    CW 270.0
    +0.6 - inside P3 Weight Window

    Hubby is right back down to his LIW this morning. Wish women lost weight as quickly/easily as men, lol. But he also gains it quickly, so I'm not gonna wish that upon myself! Just kinda in a holding pattern right now til loading this coming weekend for next round of P2. Looking forward to losing again!
  2. Almost done with week 1 and this is one of my most losses for the week [email protected]!!!!

    I am glad to post I am down 11 pounds with one day left in week one. I am glad to be back on protocal and not overly ambitious but inside I am so ready to make lasting changes. I don't want to be a diabetic due to weight, I want to my clothes to be smaller and look better on me. I want to feel better and have more energy. I want to learn how to care about myself through all emotional stress and life problems. I want to have self control and learn life eating skills. Do I think I can make it..... ...
  3. GiGy 2015 R1P3D17

    LIW 269.4
    CW 269.2
    -0.2 - inside P3 Weight Window

    Did a sympathetic steak day yesterday. DH got up and was like 6 pounds up, which is 4 pounds outside his window. He isn't sure how or why, but I am sure it was due to eating lunch out with the guys a couple days this week, and not getting on the scale for a few days. In other words, carb creep. It happens.

    So we did a steak day, his first ever. He only lost a pound or so, which was disappointing for ...
  4. Guacamole Deviled Eggs

    Since St. Paddy's day is approaching, I thought I'd post my recipe for green eggs.

    Seriously good for P3 or anytime. If the amount of mayo freaks you out, you can just use more guacamole and add a bit of vinegar or lemon to replace the acid in the mayo. But c'mon people...its P3....go for the mayo!


    15 hard boiled eggs
    1/2 small red or sweet onion, chopped
    1 tsp. ground chipotle pepper
    1/2C. real mayonaise ...
  5. Resist the food temptations!

    Quote Originally Posted by Candlecomforts View Post
    As I was reading through the posts to get caught up, I saw MANY MANY of us are struggling with the food temptations. We really need to draw SUPPORT from one another to RESIST the temptations. What are some of the things you say or do that helps you resist that temptation?

    I decided to look up some stuff online so I can print them out & put them in my phone, in my car, and around my house. Hope something here will help you!

    * Old Excuse: "If I deprive myself
  6. GiGy 2015 R1P3D14

    LIW 269.4
    CW 270.0
    +0.6 - inside the P3 window

    Slept in late yesterday, so of course my scale was down significantly, but I didn't record it because it's just dehydration. I have found that my most accurate weights are if I do my WI at approximately the same time every morning, if possible. Today I am only 0.6 above my LIW, and I'm perfectly happy to be here! Hubby is also within his window. He shared with me this morning that at one point he was 3.6 above his LIW ...
  7. Glad to Be back

    So I am back and trying not to be too hard on myself. I did do a great round in October and wanted to follow through on p3. Things really became stressful in my life, family problems, work problems, financial problems, spiratual problems and then my grandmother's health going down and her passing away brought me to so much sorrow and sadness. Yes, I turned to food, yes I gave up on p3 and ate terribly I know I said I wouldn't but that was before all the hardship hit.

    I am making no ...
  8. R2, P2 Week 2 Check-In

    Well, I did it. I started a short round of hCG right smack in the middle of a school semester. It's been largely uneventful. I was slightly hopeful I could beat the average for a 23 day round and net around 20 pounds down. So far, I'm slated to get closer to 15 pounds (including loading weight). I'm happy to lower my base line, even if it's not likely to be quite as low as I wanted. Logical me recognizes that I'm removing abnormal fats and resetting my base line. Which is something to be grateful ...
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    Round Two
  9. GiGy 2015 R1P3D12

    LIW 269.4
    CW 270.8
    +1.4 - inside the P3 window

    Weight same as yesterday. Hubby is back down inside his window, which is great. He asked me today "when can we go back on P2?" I reminded him that we start P2 a week from Saturday. He says he is "so ready" to get back on the P2 wagon. And I must admit, so am I. I am ready to start losing again.....
  10. R4p2d9

    Yesterday I wore a new dress that I purchased 2 weeks ago. The interesting thing about it...I had planned on returning it because it was embassing TOO TIGHT!!!! Well, yesterday it FIT!!!! I was so happy! What a wonderful day!!!! Same experience putting on my coat from too tight...to plenty of room.

    I have lost an amazing amount of inches this week!!!! Love this protocal!!!

    My first week I have lost 7.8 lbs, yippee!!!!