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  1. GiGy 2015 R2P2VLCD24

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 262.6
    Dn: 9.3 lbs

    Just under one week of injections left. Then P3. Hoping that a week of being POP will maximize my losses, since I sabotaged myself over Easter. Ordered HCG two days ago, so it should be here in plenty of time for our next round. I plan to be really POP next round!
  2. P2D9 and another 200g down

    Yay... I must admit that I did jump on the scales an hour earlier and was actually higher than the previous day's weigh in... fast forward to my ususal weigh in time and I'm 200g less... Yay...
    Not looking forward to the day that I gain or stall for that matter.
    Blog post updated today - HCG Diet Ė Phase 2 Day 9 Ė Phase 2 Round Length
    And an awesome Iced coffee recipe... It's so simple but oh so very yum! P2 Ice Coffee

    See you tomorrow
  3. Just starting - This is just to keep me focused. Please feel free to join in!

    Hello everyone!

    I didn't know this was an option on this site. What a great tool to keep us motivated and accountable!
    I am still trying to figure out the lingo so feel free to correct me if I am using it incorrectly.

    April 12, 2015 was my first load day. I can honestly say that I was not looking forward to it because I had worked so hard for the past couple of years to eat healthier (though I kept gaining weight). I am 53 years old and through menopause. Menopause ...
  4. P2D8 - Recipes updated

    Hi all,
    today is day 8 of my HCG journey. Scales showed another 600g loss today so super happy about that! 5.7KG down in one week. Happy dance... Only 37 odd KG's to go
    I've updated my blog today with a couple of recipes if your interested -

    Strawberry and Chocolate Slushy

    Chilli Beef and Tomato

    Until tomorrow and another weigh in... See you then

    Cheers Sam
  5. R3p2d7

    Well itís day 7, one week down, 5.5 weeks to go and Iím grumpyÖGrumpy cause Iíve still got a slight headache, grumpy cause winters coming and itís wet and cold, grumpy because I canít eat to make me feel better, grumpy because Iíve only done one week and have so many more to go, grumpy because the kids arenít doing what I want them to do(Iím stupid thinking like this), grumpy because I have to have chicken again for lunch, grumpy because I didnít quite loose a pound, grumpy just because Iím grumpy ...
  6. GiGy 2015 R21P2VLCD20

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 263.2
    Dn: 8.7 lbs

    Finally broke stall today. Not back down to my lowest weight from the Friday before my binge, but at least I'm losing again. Hopefully I am back on the losing train! Need to go check in with my groups....
  7. what the hell!!!

    i'm up 0.4. i dont know how that's possible. quite disheartening. sigh. Maybe too much gum, maybe because i'm backed up (TMI i know), maybe because TOM is here. who the hell knows.

    ugh will try my hardest not to let it get to me because i've got over +50lbs to lose. ugghhh why oh why did i ever let it get this bad. I'm trying not to beat myself over the past but it's so hard.
  8. GiGy 2015 R2P2VLCD16

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 264.0
    Dn: 7.9 lbs

    Stupid decisions and choices this weekend. SMH over my own stupidity. I'm up 2 pounds, which is expected. Back on track yesterday and today and for the remainder of our 2 vials of HCG. Mixed Vial #3 yesterday, one more vial after that.

    I still have to work on emotional eating habits and triggers.
  9. Phase 1, Day 1

    Phase 1, Day 1

    Today is my first day on the VLCD. It is 9AM and I feel like I should be hungry. My stomach is gurgling (sort of) but the hungry feeling feels like it is ďat a distance.Ē Weíll see how it goes from there.
    Round 1
  10. I'm back and this is day 1

    aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhhh i'm back because i basically have gained literally ALL the weight back plus an additional 20. It's not hcg's fault -- it's mine and my binging and my lack of control and my laziness. Now i feel like i'm a prisoner to my weight. I dont go anywhere, i hate to be around people, i hate looking at myself in the mirror. Totally hate feeling disgusted with myself. I cried myself to sleep and finaly FINALLY realized i have hit rock bottom. And maybe i needed to reach this rock ...