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  1. Day 10 and still no Hcg

    Still waiting on my Hcg. Getting really antsy. I did however get my lab results back for my thyroid and I'm on the low end of everything. Hoping my Dr will up the Armour dosage considering I'm only on 60mg. right now. Left her a message so we'll see.

    Our house is in the ending stages of being built. Electrical guy was out today finishing up his work. I'm assuming he put the fans up for us. At least I'm hoping.

    Trying my best to keep myself occupied packing and out ...
  2. So hungry

    I'm feeling frustrated but not discouraged. Even though my losses are as great as I had hoped they are pretty average. My dosage is still off and today I am starving and light headed. I thought the migraine was going away but it is still hanging on, though much lighter.
    Tomorrow I will lower my dosage to 100 and see how that goes. I can do this, I have already gone this long feeling hungry so another day or two won't kill me.

    The weather is gloomy and rainy today too so that ...
  3. The waiting game...

    Still waiting on my Hcg. This stuff can't get here fast enough. I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want my husband to touch me. My fat jeans are digging into me and I can't breathe. I've tried every diet and can't lose weight. I am one that tells everyone I'm on a diet to keep myself accountable only to look like a big FAT FAILURE! I can't even muster up the courage to tell anyone I know about the Hcg for fear of whispers about my failure.
    I could lose weight just fine before this stupid ...
  4. Big loss day and then a small gain day

    Woke to a 1.8 pound loss Saturday morning, then hit a +.4 pound gain this morning. Not going to let it worry me, perhaps that one day of a big loss was extra hard on my body. I ate on program but had a couple ounces more protein, probably 1/4 of an apple too much, still having stressful days, and I was hungry. Got some better sleep, and will be back on track today, and hopefully I will continue the losses into next week. But having lost this much in 6 days of dieting is astounding. Very happy. ...
  5. Started at 156lbs..?

    Now I'm 134.6 !!!!!
    So happy since I'm getting ready to go to a vacation so i can't cheat.
    Hope I have a loss in the morning! !
    Good luck you guys! !
  6. Extreme stress day, ate dinner late, ate more

    Woke up to a nice 1.2 pound loss so very happy with a total 5.8 pound loss after VLCD4. But it was a very stressful day with too much going on and not enough sleep the night before. Did not have the opportunity to eat smaller meals more often, which has helped the sensations of blood sugar issues, so was intensely needing food for dinner. Ate an additional 1/4 of an apple to be able to cook dinner. I added a .5 oz of beef and more cabbage and onion to my Lemon Pepper Beef, which is delicious. Have ...
  7. Stunned at how well this program works

    I'm in a physician supervised program. My doctor is also my hormone doctor. I'm primarily under treatment for Hashimotot's Thyroiditis and adrenal issues. He said this was the only diet plan that he saw helping his patients really break through and lose the weight they needed to. My contact is his NP who oversees the HCG diet program. All staff have gone through the diet so they all know what it's like. This really adds credence and helped me decide to do it. I gained a lot of weight, about 100 ...
  8. GiGy 2015 R2P2VLCD24

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 262.6
    Dn: 9.3 lbs

    Just under one week of injections left. Then P3. Hoping that a week of being POP will maximize my losses, since I sabotaged myself over Easter. Ordered HCG two days ago, so it should be here in plenty of time for our next round. I plan to be really POP next round!
  9. P2D9 and another 200g down

    Yay... I must admit that I did jump on the scales an hour earlier and was actually higher than the previous day's weigh in... fast forward to my ususal weigh in time and I'm 200g less... Yay...
    Not looking forward to the day that I gain or stall for that matter.
    Blog post updated today - HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 9 – Phase 2 Round Length
    And an awesome Iced coffee recipe... It's so simple but oh so very yum! P2 Ice Coffee

    See you tomorrow
  10. Just starting - This is just to keep me focused. Please feel free to join in!

    Hello everyone!

    I didn't know this was an option on this site. What a great tool to keep us motivated and accountable!
    I am still trying to figure out the lingo so feel free to correct me if I am using it incorrectly.

    April 12, 2015 was my first load day. I can honestly say that I was not looking forward to it because I had worked so hard for the past couple of years to eat healthier (though I kept gaining weight). I am 53 years old and through menopause. Menopause ...