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  1. GiGy 2015 R1P2VLCD19

    SW 281.8
    CW 271.8
    DN -10.0

    FINALLY! Broke through that week 3 stall! Ugh! I hate week 3. But I'm to a much better place now. And hoping to get down into the 260s by next week. It's been so hard to face that damn up/down scale every day! But much better now!

    So I am on track and on plan.
  2. P3: D8

    P3 has been pure heaven eating lots of meat, eggs, adding dairy in, and still losing weight! I did have a steak day this week and believe it helped me a lot of stabilizing. I have been able to eat out successfully without overindulging and staying away from starches and sugar. I keep stevia packets in my purse, and plan to order some more stevia drops soon. I wanted to do another round immediately afterwards but I have a wedding to go to and will be postponing until after wedding. Heck, I might ...
    Round 1
  3. GiGy 2015 R1P2VLCD17

    SW 281.8
    CW 273
    DN -8.8

    I haven't posted in about 5 days, and I've only lost 0.4 in those 5 days. It's obvious that my losses have slowed down. Hopefully this is just my usual 2- to 3-week stall and I will start losing again next week. Just working my plan and trying to keep on track. I got this!
  4. Checking In

    I have been playing around with my calories and prot/fat/cb ratio's and still have not found the magic numbers for me yet. I seem to be stuck at the same weight up one pound or down one pound. I am a scale watcher due to this hcg diet mind and cant seem to break it.
    I have been working out for 3 weeks straight now and I am really noticing my body shape changing. My stomach seems smaller and I am getting stronger for sure. I know muscle weighs more so I am hopin I am not losing because ...
  5. 2015 Johnny West Journal

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWest View Post
    I completed day 16 on the program Sunday (14 days of injections with low calorie diet). First week saw a drop of 5.0 pounds. This past week was 4.5 pounds. I have enough serum for 25 total injections before mixing another vial. I'm debating on whether to take a break after the 25 days or mix for an additional 10 days and discard the rest. I'm not hungry. I also don't have the super energy I had the first go around. I have a gym membership with a current "get fit program" three times
  6. Final Stats

    I'm finished with my first round, minus P3/P4 and here are my final stats:

    Weight: 263.9----------244.6
    BMI: 46.7---------------44.7
    Body Fat: 29.6----------28.7
    Neck: 15------------------14
    Bust: 49.5----------------46.5
    Waist: 56.5---------------48
    Hips: 54.5-----------------51.5
    Thigh: 32------------------30
    Calf: 17.5------------------16
    Bicep: 15.5----------------14
    Round 1
  7. March

    Hello everyone. I weigh 143.4

    Is anyone starting March 1st??
  8. P4 Week One Check-in

    There really isn't much to report. I've introduced some starches with little weight fluctuation. I've introduced some things with sugars as well with little weight fluctuation. I got a Toblerone in my stocking for Christmas (while still on P2) and have held onto that sucker waiting and waiting. Finally, it was mine this week.

    I've been sticking to trying to eat to hunger and not outside of that. I still sometimes eat a little past the point of not being hungry, but I never start ...
    Round One
  9. P3: D1

    Even with falling off the band wagon to good wine, I'm happy to be moving into P3. These past 40 days has been filled with mental realizations, and a great journey towards becoming a healthier me. I'm glad to have had so much great support here on the forums, as well as a few family members, and I look forward to more rounds in the future. Hopefully, I can plan a vacation soon after my second round so I can see some of my family.

    After my first 72 hours of getting hCG out of my system, ...
    Round 1
  10. GiGy 2015 R1P2VLCD12

    SW 281.8
    CW 273.4
    DN -8.4

    Down a pound today. So I lost yesterday's gain and then some. TOM is here, which is typical for me during P2. Probably TMI, but I have an IUD, so I don't have TOM very often. It always seems like he comes right around the end of week 2 after I start the HCG. I guess it's just enough to stimulate my system. In fact, I am guessing my gain yesterday morning was due to TOM. But that bloat is gone now and then some, so I'm a happy camper! ...

    Updated February 11th, 2015 at 07:50 AM by GingerGypsy

    GiGy 2015 Round 1 Journal