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  1. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 27

    Mon 14-Nov-11
    220.8 (-1.2) LIW +1.2

    "Down 1.2 lbs just hanging around. Go figure. Nothing new to report, just holding to the program and seeing what happens. It feels like I am playing the time game . . . Exactly one month away from P2!! Waiting until I can get back to P2 and start losing again . . . . Then when P2 comes around . . . waiting for ...
  2. 11/14/11-P4D10 157.7 so back down a little from somewhat steak day

    Today is my first day back to work, so even though I am still on meds and still sore I will try to get through this. My scale was freaking out the week before my surgery, so even though I was staying around 146 for the most part of P3 (only did 2 or 3 steak days) the morning of I was 149 I think, and I was expecting TOM. I would think that I would be around 148 to 149 after the bloating of this surgery goes away due to the 2 and 1/2 pounds of the implants. Wish me luck

    I am gonna ...

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  3. 11/13/11-P4D9 up 1 lb 158.5 must have been kettle corn

    So this is another catch up post. I am one week from my surgery. Bloated and in a LOT OF PAIN still. I am up again due to carbs yesterday I guess. But I really don't know what to eat or do to lose this weight except try to stay calm and hope that by the second week it is gone. I am 158.5 today and will do a steak day I think to see how it goes. I did eat some pork rinds and sour cream and cream cheese though at around 1PM. Thin steaks with butter tonight.
  4. Fell off the wagon, caught the wagon on fire and cooked the horses.

    So.. I did great my first round. Lost 30 lbs. Was happy. Fit into a smaller size of clothes, got amazing complements, felt great. AND THEN bum, bum, bummmmmmm got sick. Very sick. In the hospital, ICU, on steroids for forever AGAIN sick. So now, I'm back up 15 lbs. And I WANT to start back up (in my head somewhere I do) but I'm singing to myself 'My body says no and my mind's sayin yes'. I just get so sad that stupid crap like this happens to me all the time. You know, like when I was ...
  5. VLCD day 7 -- part two

    No where else to put this, to be honest-- it's frustrating because it completely killed my uplift about losing so much so fast, but there you go. New coworker -- the problem is, this very new coworker (think 2 weeks) was a manager with my company on another property. So of course, he thinks he's going to be a supervisor here. At this point I am the only person who's been at my work for a year -- everyone else was fired or quit.

    New Coworker is unfortunately friends with ex-coworker's ...
  6. Day 1 of VLC.

    Started this weekend on my first round. Really excited about the prospects of staying on protocol. Especially since I am doing it with my niece and with the help of my good friend, Mylittlelambs!! My starting weight is 221.5lbs. Loaded on 11-11-11 and 11-12-11 and lost one pound the first day and gained 4lbs. on day two for a total of 224.5lbs.

    Today's meals were
    L-Gr. Beef, salad greens, bread stick
    D-chicken, asparagus, melba toast ...
  7. Phase 3 reflections and thoughts

    Ok. So it is time to make our FACEBOOK PAGE PUBLIC to friends and family, especially since :

    1) It has been 45 days
    2) We are in Phase 3
    3) Time to start exercising (we didnt exercise during HCG DROPS)
    4) We just returned from a wedding and everyone can see some difference in our appearance and health

    AS AN UPDATE: I ate more carbs and anything we wanted (basically ...
  8. Day 7

    Day 7:
    Today has been a difficult day. I just donít feel very good. I feel so exhausted, irritable, and lethargic. Iím not sure why I feel this way, hope it goes away tomorrow. Late last night was a little tough all I wanted to do was snack even though I wasnít hungry. I think I need to break bad habits.

    This morning we weighed in and the hubby has no loss, but he also didnít gain so that is good. Iím not sure why he didnít lose hopefully he will tomorrow. I lost 0.6lbs. ...
  9. p3 Day one

    by , November 13th, 2011 at 06:27 PM (Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini)
    First day being able to eat more is just fun. Except trying to do Paleo Reset and it makes it a lot less fun. Eating first thing in the morning is definately not my thing. Getting enough protien and fat in the a.m. not a problem at all. As it was my first day I figured I wouldn't try and eat 50g of protien off the bat, but would gradually work into it.
    But after tracking my food, I found I actually got 52g of protien. I was shocked it added up so fast. Also shocked how the carbs add up considering ...
  10. P2 - day one

    Wow, it is hard to explain this feeling. It's not really's kind of like having the munchies.
    I guess it is hard to bust the habit of snacking, when it is something that you used to do almost for fun. I remind myself that is why am I here in the first place. Your body isn't made to snack for fun. heehee

    I am holding on strong and getting ready for my afternoon apple. <deep breath>