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  1. Dr. Lipman's Plan - New Pounds & Inches

    Dr. Lipman’s HCG Food Plan –
    New Pounds & Inches 2011

    I highly recommend his book, lots of good info.

    500-800 Cal Days – Phase 2
    (His Study of over 1500 HCG Patients shows no difference in weight loss, on 500cal diet vs. 800cal diet)

    Phase 1: Loading 1or 2 Days (Optional)

    Phase 2: Min 23 days (21 Hcg, 2 vlcd without Hg) Max 6 Weeks

    Phase 2 Plan:

    Breakfast: Choose 1
    Egg Beaters (Low Fat) ...
  2. why all the garbage on this site

    haven't been on this site for a little while. since starting round 2 thought I would need my "hgc friends"!! BUT what is all this garbage on here that has nothing to do with the hcg plan. very disapointing!!!!
  3. Thanksgiving, Smanksgiving...-.6 lbs w HCG!

    Yep, I did great! Better than fact, I forgot the apple I brought for dessert BC I was focusing on serving the ice cream cake I made for dessert. This was not easy by any means; the carbs and the sweets giving me pause, especially the napoleons, my favorite. But I was extra motivated having gone 3 days with the scale barely moving.
    So, hope you all did great yesterday.

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  4. Sex and Turkey Day R1P2D6

    Thanksgiving didn't go so bad. I ended up having white meat off the turkey, salad with lemon juice as the dressing, and a bit of yams without any sugar or anything. And mint iced tea. I was bad, but it could have beena lot worse. I know I will pay for it.

    Well, this morning I woke up with a .2 gain, but after sex and a nap, I had lost 1.4 pounds.

    FYI People: Have sex during P2, it will help with the losing of weight.
  5. Thanksgiving day P2D12

    Weighed 177 this morning. I ate too much even though I promised myself I wouldn't. TOM aka Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit so I am 100% sure that tomorrow I am going to show a gain. At least I'm prepared.....
  6. My Journey

    I'm 54, soon to be 55 in January 2012. 5'9", overweight since age 7, tried every diet, they all worked the first few times around but now they don't.

    I have type 2 diabetes where fasting blood sugar is around 120-130 with medication. I currently take Victoza and hope to be able to give that up pretty quickly. That stuff is expensive! $300 a month.. ouch.

    I have been on bio-identical hormones since 2009 - also expensive but don't see myself giving up those! I ...
  7. R1/P2/VLCD 5 - Uh Oh I gained!!!

    Yesterday began as such a Gr8 day. I lost about 4#s and thought -- wow this is it! Weighted this morning, scale up almost a # or more.

    Everything was fine until I tried to change it up a bit. By change I mean, adding a veggie: cabbage and some seasoning. I bought the shredded cole slaw (cabbage with carrots). I added chicken bullion (not low or no sodium) and a little water. It didn't look like a lot of carrots, so I thought I could pick them out after they cooked - what a mess! ...

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  8. Round 3 Here I come

    Loading today. Bought way too much food as usual. I think I want all this and once I take the HCG none of it matters. My LIW was 211.2 and my finish weight of P4 is 211.9. Planning a shorter round but not certain exactly how many days. I am hoping to get under 200 with this round. That will be a nice present to myself ending the year in ONEderland. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Thank you for your listening ear and your support.
  9. Damn you, chocolate mug cake

    So, yesterday I had chocolate mug cake (no oil).

    I had a .2 gain. FML.
  10. Headed to a thankful Thanksgiving! R1 P2 D12

    Almost half way through and am counting my blessings as I head into an HCG Thanksgiving. I am grateful - to have found this plan which is delivering great results in record time; to have met all the cool people on this forum; and to have access to all this (new to me) info!
    I am planning a wonderful day with my family and will stick to protocol as closely as really!
    I wish anyone reading this all the very best for a happy & healthy holiday with ...

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