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  1. VLCD36 - Starting to struggle...

    ...with hunger and a desire to really just expand my food choices! This isn't helped by the fact that I am torturing myself watching endless cooking shows! Talk about rubbing salt in my own wounds! On one hand I am enjoying them, and sit there salivating over all the lovely food, but on the other I hate them because they make me so hungry and give me crazy cravings! I just want to eat EVERYTHING!

    I am getting really close to calling it quits on P2 and moving into P3. My losses have ...
  2. Buying Hcg- Where Do I Start? (originally posted by mgsondance)

    Quote Originally Posted by mgsondance View Post
    1- Decide if you want to do homeopathic hcg (hhcg) or prescription strength hcg (Rx hcg)- I strongly prefer the latter, so my directions will be based on that.

    2. Decide if you want to do drops or shots. Both methods work equally well, and itís easy to adjust your dose as needed.
    Shots- Advantage of the shots is that you only need to do them once a day, which makes them the easiest.
  3. Just started on 10/28

    Hello Everyone, I justed started my hcg injections on 10/28/11. Im super excited!! I started at 242 and I am now down 10lbs!! I went to Red lobster tonight and had grilled lobster and asparagus, no butter,oil, or salt. Was this a good meal? I also had 4 glasses of water with dinner. Im really nervous about this.
  4. Trying to incorporate leptin reset in p2

    by , November 5th, 2011 at 07:35 AM (Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini)
    I have been reading so much on the letin reset and I thinking since I am in P2 I can't really do it, but I can do some of it now so the transition won't be so hard. Like I can eat my first meal within 30min of waking, and make it my protien w veg. I can also stop snacking and just eat all my foods in 3 meals spacing them 4-5hrs apart.
    I was thinking this might help with hunger as well and start getting my body prepared and heading towards optimal.

    I have to say it as a lot ...
  5. Can I do a cleanse beginning on day 1 of load phase?

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this but I am a newbie so I want to rely on the more seasoned hcgers;

    I took my first hcg drops this morning and today is day 1 of loading. I purchased a cleanse product yesterday, 'Ultimate Detox and Cleanse'. Can I start this today and continue or should I have done this PRIOR to now? I dont want to use it if it will hurt my results/progress.

  6. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 18

    221 (-1) LIW +1.4

    "Woke up before 5 am this morning and kept going back to bed hoping to fall asleep of trick my body into going back to sleep, but I was up like an excited child. Turning off the lights and covering my head with the sheet did not help, so I just said ""Aw hell!! and got out of bed. L-Carnitine has to be taken on an empty stomach anyway ...
  7. Just starting out

    I'm on day 4 & I read the pounds & inches book, and I've read others that's been on hcg before say that they've gone 30,45, or 60 days before they stopped--this is where I get confused. I ordered a 90 day supply of drops, do I go 40 days, then break for 6 weeks, then begin round two?
    Please clarify--I think I've confused myself!
  8. First weight day after VLCD

    I am happy to say that the scale was down 2.4 lbs this morning!
    Today I was less hungry than yesterday, so that was good. I was still pretty hungry though from about hour and half after lunch until dinner. Hoping tomorrow I feel less hunger.

    Made a yummy dinner. Actually I enjoyed both of my meals today.
    Lunch was Grilled white fish (Swai) with herbs and raw spinach.
    Dinner was chicken breast cooked in cast iron skillet with an apple sliced with it, and ...
  9. A (nervous) New Beginning

    . Tomorrow will be my first VLCD! I am very anxious to see how my body reacts to HCG. I have been on Many diets throughout my life and could always lose 40 - 60 lbs if I tried a new plan and stayed focus. The trouble for me is keeping it off. 2 years ago, I lost 60 lbs and then it stopped...poof! I have been watching all but the last 15 lbs creep back on.
    Now, my goal is to lose 65 lbs. When I get there I will think about how that feels and decide if I need to lose more... But I would ...
  10. Tips/Thoughts after four VLCDs

    I thought I would share my thoughts after almost four days on Phase 2.

    1) I was hungry, no sugar-coating it. But I reminded myself that I made myself fat and I was sticking to this.

    2) Carbonated water in the evenings help me. I add sliced lemon and ice and this seems like a treat.

    3) It gets better. Day 3 was brutal with a bad headache but day 4 is so much easier.

    4) Keep busy. At home - clean, sew, whatever busies your hands and mind. ...
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