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  1. Getting back on course and in a new direction

    Been a while since I blogged. After my good FFF day loss I got out of control, thanks to Weis Markets and their free, home-delivered bag of groceries for their re-opening, and gained back up to 133.6lbs. However, I snapped out of it and did FFF day Saturday, clean p3 eating Sunday, FFF day yesterday and am back down to 129, 2.4lbs above LDW. Each FFF day I lost 2lbs and am pretty happy about that. I stopped using sugar free jello powder because it has cornstarch in it and thought maybe it was a ...
  2. R1P2 Day 3 - First day of VLCD

    so...after my Loading days filled with guacamole, cheesecake, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, was just wrong

    My weight on the scale this morning was 278...doh!

    I injected at 8am

    My diet for the day was:
    • Breakfast - Grapefruit
    • Lunch - Herb salad Mix from Whole foods with 100g of grilled shrimp on it (dressing was mustard, acv and liquid aminos)
    • Dinner - Tilapia and asparagus

    I will say that I had a ...
  3. Cycle 3: VLCD 8

    Start: 176.6
    Post Load: 174.8
    Week 1: -6.4
    VLCD 8: -0.4

    Well, yesterday was a fff day and it yielded a small-ish loss, but as long as the scale is moving I guess I can't complain. Today will be 0% fage for lunch, and flounder with mushrooms for dinner, I also had an apple for breakfast....Also looks like TOM will be comming soon, he's been here every other week since I started bc in conjunction with HCG so i'm not surprised.
  4. VLCD 11 R2Ph2

    Weigh-in 116lbs. Not much to report accept that I've had 1/2 of my days with extra calories coming from out-of-protocol foods and hasn't made too much of a difference when it comes to gains. I have lost 6 pounds in 11days.....average of .55/day but that including extra food. I think as I get to a lower weight my body is happy here. We will see if i can give it 100% and reach 110lbs. I believe I can. I have until Sept 9th for VLCD21 to see where I am at. I know I will have to completely give up ...
  5. Good Bye 140's HELLO 130"s!

    Havent seen these numbers on the scale for almost 2 yrs whooo!
    Another pound gone and a little more to go for my goal!
    16 pounds left, weigh in til Friday im ready!
  6. Still stalled

    OK 4th day at same weight guess I will do an apple day. Good thing I like apples! My stalls in R1 were usually 4 days and I had a lot of them and the outcome was still good!
    Tags: stalled
  7. Tuesday Aug 30. Hungry this morning

    8/25 Thur load day 1 started 156.2
    8/26 Fri. Load day 2. 156.6
    8/27 Sat P2D1 156.6
    8/28 Sun P2D2 155.4 -1.2
    8/29 Mon P2D3 153.0 -2.4 woohoo
    8/30 Tues D4 152. -1.
    So down 4.6 so far. I am happy with this and pray that I can keep it up. I have trainer today at 2 for regular weight work. I want to time my eating so that I am able to do the work out. I need that to keep my joints from freezing up on me. I get really stiff and sore when I do not do the stretching ...
  8. Life is good

    I finally started back in college, and I am really enjoying it. I find I get very nervous, and frantic as soon as I see my assignment, but then I let it soak in and I do fine. Phase 4 is going well. I did jump back on p2 for a week, and decided it wasn't the right time for me. I am 4 pounds over LIW most mornings. Which isn't Ideal, but I am not worried about it. This is the first time in my life where I have not worried about my weight. I know I can control it, and 122 makes me happy. I would rather ...
  9. Ok , So wierd morning

    Well yesterday my stomache was aching just a bit. Constipated? bloated? crampy? Wasnt really sure just uncomfortable. This morning I get up and step on scale only down .4 lbs. Then I get to work use restroom and I am spotting! I am not supposed to have TOM for 10 more days. Is this normal? Should I stop? Should I continue? I am not sure what to do.
    I feel ok except for a slight cramping . I ususlly have terrible periods that last about 3 days. I am hoping this is not going to be an extra ...
  10. eventshay