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  1. Round 2 P3 day1

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 02:18 PM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    So I woke to a 1# gain. Probably the half a pancake I ate while making them for my kids Friday morning. Today for breakfast I had 3 eggs with chorizo and pepper jack cheese all scrambled together with cheddar cheese on top! It was WONDERFUL!!!! Then I had some Fage (fat free) left over from p2. My lunch is going to be my special bleu cheeseburger salad with almonds. Oh I had some cocoa crack last night with almonds. I love cheese!!!! DOnt know what dinner holds but I see feta in the near future! ...
  2. YAY!!!!! Good-bye Obese, helLO Overweight!!! :)

    (LDW 182.6)
    5/21/11 P3D1(180.6)
    P3W1: 181.8
    P3W2: 179.2(-1.6)I'm below 180!
    P3W3: 179.4(+.2)
    P3W4: 177.6(-1.8)
    6/18/11 P4D1:177(-.6)
    P4W1: 176.6(-.4)
    P4W2: 175(-1.6)
    P4W3: 172.6(-2.4)
    P4W4: 171.4(-1.2)
    P4W5: 169.4(-2)Hello next 10's!
    P4W6: 168.4(-1)
    P4W7: 168(-.4)
    P4W8 166.6(-1.2)
    P4W9: 166(-.6) ...
  3. Past -90 pounds with hcg!

    This morning down another 1 point something to make my losses 90.8 pounds! It has been so weird to have my losses most of the time in Round 2 phase 2 be minimal, only to have my body finally kick into high gear in the past 2 weeks of this extended round. This is week 9 of a 10-week round, and last week was -5.8 and this week I've lost 6.2 and one day to go. So as long as I don't see a gain tomorrow, I'm looking at 2 great weeks in a row and have hope for next week to be a final good week before ...
  4. Starting again. Day 1 of P2

    I completed my load days and today I am on the first day of P2. breakfast was iced coffee with Truvia and for lunch I am having chicken breast with roamine salad. I felt full when I got up this morning but I am hungry now. I am trying to put off the eating for another 1/2 hour. This is my second round. I did the first last Sept finishing about Oct 10. Ileft on a three week trip to Hawaii for P# and took a scale in my suitcase. I maintained great on the trip. I came home and did great until ...
  5. R2P2 Update and Where did all these clothes come from?

    On VLCD6. Doing well. Lost 7.7 since loading. Had one day where I stayed the same but made up for it the next morning. Just broke into the 220's. By .5 pounds but hey I will take it. I am sorting through clothes and I think I have saved clothes for 20 years or more. I have 3 closets full plus boxes of them in the garage. Probably in 6 different sizes. This is embarrassing but some things I found still had tags on them because they were too small when I bought them and now they are too big! This ...
  6. Excited about the future, doing some of reflecting on the past

    Woke up this morning again with the same thoughts, when will my order arrive. In reality, I know I better get patient, because it will take time, maybe even few weeks. Orders take time, especially to Canada!
    Making home made ice cream for my son and hoping to get the drops soon. Trying to continue on eating healthy, but obviously have given up. Started eating more carbs, even some sugar.
    For more than three month I did so well. The funny thing is, that after a while I got so used ...

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  7. Leptin Diet Plan - o6/o3 ratio

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleein View Post
    Yes, and I just re-read it... I stand corrected. You are right. Here is his summary of his Omega 6 blog:
    Summing it all up:

    THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE O6/O3 ratio is CONTEXT!!!!! This blog was really motivated by a conversation I had yesterday on the Santa Monica Pier with two college students who were going to attend the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA later today. I felt after speaking with them that this blog needed to be written because I think there is much
  8. DOWN another 1.3 today 155.0 VLCD4

    Only 3 more to go till LDW 152, hope I get there by Monday. Then I have to change my goal to 145 and hope for at least another 7 lb loss. Lets see what happens.
  9. Hcg shots hcg sub and hhcg

    I've been using hhcg, it worked for the first week. So I am looking to do shots or if they make real sub hcg drops. I am looking to lose 30-40 lbs. Also I read that your body builds up an immunity After awhile, but does that happen with hhcg. Any reliable
    sources that can be personally recommended would be so appreciated. Any advice too!
    Thank you so much!
    PS I live in Raleigb NC so if anyone is local or lookingto
    Buddy up, I'm in!
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  10. The Official P4 Workout Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by bebifal View Post
    I'm not sure if this thread is very active anymore but here goes nothing

    I started the p90x program on wednesday and have since gained 5.4lbs (i'm 158 LDW was 153.6)-- i haven't eaten anything i'm sensitive to, so i know its the exercise-- the only other thing is that it could be that i'm not eating enough. So now i dont know what to do, maybe stop exercising till i get back to ldw then start all over again but eating more especially protein (not that i dont eat enough of it right