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  1. Vlcd 27

    Time has really gone by quickly....I'm closer to the end of my 40 days.....I've got 19lbs to go so I've decided to make some changes to ensure that I lose as much as I can. I went to the supermarket yesterday - my trolley looked weird.....water, fish and seasonings.

    It seems as if I've been doing it all wrong - is it really true that I shouldn't have the same protein and veg for both meals???????

    I'm off the wheat crackers (melba toast alternative-so my coach says) ...
  2. Injections or drops

    Hey yall! Hope everyone is losing! I have been on the drops and I found an affordable site for the injections and am thinking about trying them. I need to know how much better they work and how much do I take and how to do it all. ALso what amount to purchase I went to the website and just got so confused about what to get because Im new at injections... any and ALL advice will help!
  3. Shopping for clothes is usually depressing.... but not today!

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 09:07 PM (Losing Weight -- Gaining Life!)
    What a day. Worked in the morning (7-noon)... and then took a much needed break reading (The Hunger Games) for about an hour... showered, picked up my Mom and drove all over creation looking for something to wear in my sister's wedding this October. Then I had to take my Mom home.... which added 40 minutes to my drive. Ugh.

    But the thrilling news about my running around today: I FOUND A DRESS!! Thank God.

    I was so sick of looking around... even though I really ...
  4. VLCD 35 Last Day of HCG

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 08:03 PM (Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back)
    OK. Finally this morning was my last hcg. Ugh and yeah!!!! I could feel my resolve fading and instead of screwing up and gaining I decided to end drops today and start P3 in a couple days. Of course I actually started P3 foods a bit today but not too bad. Well, bad for P2, not bad for P3.

    Went to an early picnic with my son and a group of other developmentally disabled teens. Brought the baby and my mom and we had a blast. Somebody brought the Thriller c/d and some of the kids
  5. Drops from celeste (pure), let's chat, compare & support!

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 07:40 PM (New to HCG Diet but want to explore foods beyond Protocol and still loose weight. Share opinions and learn.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Shabana View Post
    Yes it is my first round. Well the pros and cons are different for everyone, depending how determine you are. but to me I have seen more PROS than cons for a longer round. After reading so many blogs including this one, people who have been on longer rounds do better over all vs people who do several shorter rounds. But than again everyone is different and one should always take this into account that how much someone is trying to loose. It might not be possible for some one who is trying to loose
  6. What's a birthday girl to do?

    I am a newbie to hcg and forums & need your guidance OH WISE ONES!!!
    On Day 6 VLCD with Vox pellets--8 pounds thinner & generally doin' ok...a little drained, but ok. (I work full time and have a 3 year old...I think I'm supposed to be a tad drained with only 500 calories to keep me rollin?!)
    Originally planned on a 30 day run, but have just had a lightbulb moment that shook my plan:
    I've gotta' milestone bday on the 23rd of Sept. & a milestone anniversary on the ...
  7. Cycle 3: VLCD 6...160's!

    Start: 176.6
    Post Load: 174.8
    VLCD1: 172.6
    VLCD2: 171.6
    VLCD3: 170.8
    VLCD4: 170.2
    VLCD5: 169.6

    Yesterday's fff day went well, I woke up to a 1 lb loss which i'm happy about.....Also I lowered my first dose today to 3 pellets instead of 4 (thanks artschoolgirl for bringing that up) in hopes that I will feel less hunger later in the day....So far, I'm not hungry after my dose which may be a good sign! The hunger pangs kept me up until after 3 ...

    Updated August 27th, 2011 at 02:58 PM by captncrunch

  8. Round 2 P3 day1

    by , August 27th, 2011 at 01:18 PM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    So I woke to a 1# gain. Probably the half a pancake I ate while making them for my kids Friday morning. Today for breakfast I had 3 eggs with chorizo and pepper jack cheese all scrambled together with cheddar cheese on top! It was WONDERFUL!!!! Then I had some Fage (fat free) left over from p2. My lunch is going to be my special bleu cheeseburger salad with almonds. Oh I had some cocoa crack last night with almonds. I love cheese!!!! DOnt know what dinner holds but I see feta in the near future! ...
  9. YAY!!!!! Good-bye Obese, helLO Overweight!!! :)

    (LDW 182.6)
    5/21/11 P3D1(180.6)
    P3W1: 181.8
    P3W2: 179.2(-1.6)I'm below 180!
    P3W3: 179.4(+.2)
    P3W4: 177.6(-1.8)
    6/18/11 P4D1:177(-.6)
    P4W1: 176.6(-.4)
    P4W2: 175(-1.6)
    P4W3: 172.6(-2.4)
    P4W4: 171.4(-1.2)
    P4W5: 169.4(-2)Hello next 10's!
    P4W6: 168.4(-1)
    P4W7: 168(-.4)
    P4W8 166.6(-1.2)
    P4W9: 166(-.6) ...
  10. Past -90 pounds with hcg!

    This morning down another 1 point something to make my losses 90.8 pounds! It has been so weird to have my losses most of the time in Round 2 phase 2 be minimal, only to have my body finally kick into high gear in the past 2 weeks of this extended round. This is week 9 of a 10-week round, and last week was -5.8 and this week I've lost 6.2 and one day to go. So as long as I don't see a gain tomorrow, I'm looking at 2 great weeks in a row and have hope for next week to be a final good week before ...