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  1. P3 153.2 (+1.0) over LDW

    by , August 29th, 2011 at 09:10 AM (Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back)
    OK, I hate full fat fage. Cannot eat it, its yucky and tasteless. Put strawberries in it and ate the strawberries and a very little bit of fage. Maybe I can make a smoothie with it cause I cerainly can't just eat it.

    I'm afraid to eat. Never, ever did I think this would ever happen. When taking the hcg I would stall or go up if looked at a nonprotocol food. How can I now eat fat and stabilize?

    I know, i know how important it is to ingest fat and protein this ...
  2. Monday morning. Aug 29

    So happy to see the scale this morning. 153. I had a good first to two days of VLCD. I want to put up my statistics but am going to wait for a week to go by. I am spending way to much time on this site. I so want this to work. I just looked at some old statistics when I did round one and I got down to 138 and stayed there until I started r2 and got down to 135 then I left town and went to the funeral for my cousin and I did not take my RX and I went crazy and I did not get back on the plan. ...
  3. Stall

    Been the same weight for three days now and I have only been on R2P2 for a week now. Don't think it happened this soon in P1 but I will have to check. Maybe I exercised too much this week. I did 4 mild yoga classes, about 45 pool one day and 2 hours of rowing yesterday.I am going to do a tsp of MCT oil and lay back on some exercise and see what happens.
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  4. P3 Day 3 157.4

    by , August 29th, 2011 at 08:42 AM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    Ok its a wake up call. My first correction day ever! I didnt have ANY in round 1. I know it was those stinking muffins I made with the kids yesterday, banana choclate chip. I honestly thought it wouldnt effect me. WRONG!!!! Today is my first steak day. I dont know if I can go all day with no food because of meds I take but I will have a little for lunch and again for dinner. I think I will go to yoga today at 10 and fold my mountain of laundry clean up the kitchen but not pushing it today. ...
  5. To sleep, perchance to release...

    by , August 29th, 2011 at 08:05 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in: 122
    Weekly goal: 120

    These last few days -- after ridding myself of the wretched flu, or whatever it was that I had -- were really productive. Well, with the help of 1 Senecot, and dialing down the cheating, they were. Finally I am looking at 122 on the scale. I can't believe I've been so inefficient at this diet that it's taken me 4 weeks to lose 7 pounds. I'm trying to psych myself up for the last 7. I feel like warning my kids that it's not going ...
  6. R1P1 Day 2 "GET IN MY BELLY" Fat Bastard

    During loading day one (yesterday) I ate….

    • 1/2 a slice of cheesecake factory’s Hershey’s cheesecake
    • an obnoxious amt of cheddar cheese and crackers
    • A Burrito from Lotteria with Black Beans, Rice, Nopalitos
    • Papas con Rajas

    I’m learning it is harder to eat like this than I thought

    I got on the scale this morning feeling like fat Bastard from Austin Powers but the scale has not moved. I’m still at 276.2

    I injected this morning without incident ...
  7. R2p2d10 -19.6

    This round is going so doing better on R2 than I did on R1. I guess 11.8lbs loading 19.6lbs gone in 10days...5 more to an even 50lbs since June 20th.

    We survived Hurricane Irene without any damage, lost our electric for 24hrs, but we were prepared. I don't know why but because I wasn't doing anything yesterday it seemed like I was hungry all day. My in-laws brought Kentucky Fried chicken, mashed potates & gravy and cole slaw...boy was that hard. I obstained ...
  8. Grammy's Groupies MAIN

    Quote Originally Posted by grammy1952 View Post
    Congrats on the new job, Molly! You know, I suspect you are VERY insulin resistant. The next time you get blood work, get your A1c done. Since I started doing the leptin reset, my weight doesn't fluctuate at all. Not even a few ounces. That huge dollop of protein first thing in the morning seems to keep my blood sugar stable all day long. You might check it out and try it. it would help with those weight gains when you eat carbs.
  9. R4p3d13

    193 (+2) Yesterday I was 191.25 (+.25) Saturday I had a huge lunch (with onion rings) and wings and a beer for dinner. Since dinner was at 11 pm, I wasn't too worried about the .25. Yesterday we went out on the boat all day and I had homemade chicken salad, a few strawberries, cheese, and turkey sticks. I think the sodium in the turkey sticks and the fact that TOM should have arrived yesterday, did me in. I woke up this morning feeling SO SWOLLEN and my ovary begging for mercy. TOM should ...
  10. Weight Loss In The Shower

    At 4:00 a.m. I weighed 162.4. GASTLY HORRORS! It's the dreaded stall!

    After stepping out of the shower around 6:15 a.m. I decide I need to beat myself up a bit. I step on the scale again expecting it to be around 164 or 165. Imagine my shock when not one, but three times the scale read 162!

    Four ounces of muck and yuck gone, and this was after moving around and having two cups of coffee.

    Life is good today. have a good one.