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  1. 1 More lb. and I'll be in the 170's!!!

    I can't believe that I'm almost in the 170's! I only have 1 more lb. to go. I'm so glad that I found out about HCG. I've lost over 25 lbs. in 3 weeks. I tried everything from Weight Watchers, Herbalife Shakes, P90X, and so much other stuff for a whole year after my daughter was born and nothing worked. HCG really is a miracle. It makes things possible for all of us that we never thought we'd be able to do. I am so thankful for this and have been recommending it to all my friends and family that ...
  2. One more day and on to P3 for the second time

    I cannot wait to go on P3 one more day to go and I can start P3 I did a short round this time and one long round for the first time. In total I lost around 60 lbs. I just have to stay on the p3 ,p4 long enough for my body to readjust. I feel great and didn't want to be on the diet on the end of Aug because of my birthday and anniversary, I will most likely start a new round the first of october. I have been very happy with the losses I have had so far and after my first round I lost another 5 ...
  3. Onto P3!

    Omigosh! I never thought this day would come (lol) I am finally in day one of p3!
    I lost 20 lbs in p2! and the bf lost 28.4. He would have lost more but he stopped two days before i did (and without saying anything either!)

    My breakfast was:
    P3 friendly cran-orange muffin ( which i later found out wasnt so p3 friendly, so we'll see how that effects me)
    And coffee with creamer (ahhh!!!)

    Had an apple for a snack

    For lunch i had
  4. R2P3D4 - results of FFF day

    So yesterday I did an FFF day because I failed miserably at my first two round 2 p3 days... went to a pool party. Anyway, I'm down 1.6lbs from my FFF day and .2 above LDW. I do, however, want to get down to 125 to stabilize so I will be starting my workout routine next week. I need to make sure that this week goes good first and any weight gain I see next week is definitely due to water retention from working out (since I have not worked out since February 2010).

    ROUND TWO ...
  5. Two Things...

    First and Foremost: question - has anybody seen the Nestle Sugar-free, nondairy coffee creamer in the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Would this be something that would be okay to use during phase 2? I know it would be rogue-esque...but I don't know if it's like sugar-free hard candy...try it and see? Or if it's like...hell no..don't do it...?

    Also, FINALLY someone has said something about the weight I've lost. I haven't seen this girl in about two months and the first ...
  6. Crap! 166.8 again

    by , August 2nd, 2011 at 11:29 AM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    I dont know, it could be the ONE bite I took of the chorizo eggs and cheese mixture I made for my kids breakfast burrito yesterday morning, the only other thing I can think of is that I am having a hard time cutting back the protein that I got use to in P3 and P4. So today only water and protein. Can Fage count protein? I think I will try that sometime, but not today I need to get out of this slump. So high protein and detox bath tonight.
  7. Cycle 2: VLCD6

    Cycle1 LDW: 178
    Cycle2 Start: 181.6
    VLCD1: 178.8
    VlCD2: 178.0
    VLCD5: 174.6

    Today will be a Fage day, TOM started today so I'm wondering if that has anything to do w/ the slow go. I hope not, because since I just started the pill it pretty much has a mind of it's own, but I can't tell when I'm really bloated at this new weight yet. If anything I still have hope for this round, I just need to feel like I'm making some ...
  8. On your mark. Get set. Go!

    by , August 2nd, 2011 at 10:12 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    weigh-in: 127.6

    I guess yesterday was a fluke... Or constipation...but I'm back to almost starting weight. Guess I didn't really gain much at all.

    Had to have a hard-boiled egg (no yolk) this AM for breakfast. How does anyone only drink tea/coffee? With 3 kids, housing construction, and gearing up for the homeschool year, I cannot be grouchy and distracted!!!
    Plus, this is all a secret, so if I start fainting, my family might suspect something... ...
  9. Blaouh!

    ... that's how I feel about NEEDLES! I knew from the get-go that I'd have a rough time doing the injections, but I really, really didn't want to deal with doing drops and not being able to eat before or after them, plus holding them under your tongue is SO HARD! I did try hhcg before switching for a few days, and just could NOT hold them under my tongue for more than like 2 minutes. 15-20 would be like.. well, impossible for me.

    SO, alas... here I am totally freaked out by needles, ...
  10. Almost done with phase 2

    Tomorrow Phase 3 begins and I just cant wait! I weighed yesterday 149, goal for Friday morning is to be at 144, I have been kicking my ass at the gym and 3 to 4 mile runs in the evening, food has been good but ive been eating more calories which I feel is not bad considering that im burning about 800 calories a day with my exercising! Will post on Friday im excited hope what I am doing is working!