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  1. Phase 2, Day 19 of VLCD

    Day 19 - Friday, July 29, 2011 - 151.2lbs


    Yesterday was awful. Will and I got in a huge fight, I had to work late (until 8:00pm), I had hunger, cravings, and it's the week before TOM. Last night I was up all night long with stomach problems. Not really sure why but I didn't sleep at all. I'm exhausted today and have to work all day long. Not looking forward to that. Plus, Will and I, who NEVER fight, by the way, got in another fight this morning. Great. What ...
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  2. VLCD6 - Down 1.6 Pounds

    I wasn't sure what to expect on the scale this morning. I went to Cedar Point yesterday, so I walked a lot more than I have been lately. I was very good not giving in to temptation there (my daughter had fries and a huge Pepsi -- we'd normally share). I only had a lick or two of ketchup that got on my fingers helping her out.

    I was scared to go to Cedar Point because around 11:00 in the morning, I was feeling very hungry and somewhat weak. It was a HOT day, and I wondered if I ...
  3. R4P2D12.....Did I mention I'm a genius?

    191.25 (-.50) Still have one pound to go to get to my lowest. Hoping to break into 180's by Monday. So one of my biggest cravings on this diet is Ranch Dressing. I get this brilliant idea yesterday that I will make my own from my fage. Oh, yes I did. It was yummy and I will definitely be doing that again today. I cut up romain and tomato and ate it on that for lunch, had an apple later as a snack, and a 0% fage for dinner. Yesterday was the first time on this round that I have eaten anything ...
  4. Yeah - down 1 lb to the 155s! VLCD18 / TOM5

    No bm yet, but finally down 1 lb - now at 155.8! Only 3.2 left to my mini goal of 152.5, so I will no longer be "overweight" when I reach that goal - according to BMI. I really hope to end this round in the 140's, but we will see. I feel wonderful today.
  5. Fell off the wagon . . . then rolled down the hill . .

    P4 . . . lost my mind for a few days

    Had a Family reunion weekend just as I was entering P4 and it ruined me . . well I ruined me . . as of this morning I am 4 lbs over LIW . . . now I completely forgot how to do a correction day since I never had to do one in P3 since I was maintianing well then.

    Time to go google correction days and see what the plan is going to be. I am mad at myself but I am still in there . . . I can do this .

    Question is ...
  6. Im so amazed! :]

    When i first heard about the HCG Drops, ill admit....i was veryyyy skeptical.

    But since i had already tried everything i could, i thought "Heyy why not ??"

    Now im very happy i made that decision.

    Ive been able to lose weight that i thought i would have been
    stuck with for the rest of my life.

    Im only 21 && i was so ready for this change && i absolutely love it!!

    Im already down 17 lbs in ...
  7. Cycle 2, VLCD1...Ugh

    So this morning I weighed in, after skipping my weigh in the day before because I was up early to drive and didn't want skewed numbers. Well, today I'm up 3lbs from 2 days ago. Sucks, because I feel like I'm really not that farther than I was 2 months ago and that after all my stressing about staying at ldw the past week I'm still 3lb's up. But i've just gotta get past that and move on the each days weigh in. Today was day 1 and I just made it a fff day because I was out of town for most of the ...

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  8. First Week on Hcg - Wow!

    I just started this week on the hcg program. I did loading on Saturday and Sunday, and started vlcd on Monday. I have lost 8 pounds, which just freaks me out. I have been eating healthy, watching my portions and avoiding chocolate candy (my MAJOR trigger food), and pretty much stayed the same weight - 292 or there abouts. Oh, by the way, I have LOTS of weight to lose, so I expect to do several rounds.

    So, anyway, I started this program because I was at my last breaking point. ...
  9. Salsa Salsa Salsa

    R2/P2 VLCD2 - 3 pound loss

    Wifey and I picked tomatoes and peppers from our garden today..... added in some onions and spices and made 3 gallons of salsa. Yum.

    To load my body for tomorrow's run (7 miles), I ate a bit heavier than normal... 750-800 calories - mostly protein, but also had a Greek salad. Drank about 80 ounces of water and 20 ounces of diet green tea.

    I need to start increasing my running distance to prep for my half-marathon in November. ...
  10. Cholesterol level got a bit high

    Hello! Doing 2 week of P4. Blood work showing a bit elevated cholesterol levels, they were normal before I started
    HCG. I am eating steak almost every day because I do feel better when I protein UPPP!
    For dinner I am having whey protein shake.
    What should I eat to be able to consume all the protein needed?
    Cant have any nuts, neither shellfish or pork.
    Any suggestions??