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  1. You Think It Would Be Easy By Now...

    This is my 4th round and I am about to start p3 on Tuesday, after losing 79lbs I have to say I am very nervous still. Which is funny because after all this time I still get a little scared each time about gaining even a little of the weight back. Its very unnerving to see the sky is the limit and try to figure out portions. That is my biggest problem, knowing when to say Ive had enough. Any suggestions on portion control??
  2. Sunday VLCD 6

    Well good morning world. Stall breakthrough! 183.... So that's 7 pounds so far (in addition to loading weight lost).
    I ate pork last night. I guess I'm ending up being a little "rogue" in my hcg style? Doesn't surprise me, that's my style even in general life. It's working ok for me, so until it proves to be detrimental to my weight loss, I'll continue experimenting. Sure maybe i "could be losing more", but I'm averaging over a pound a day and the random variety is ...

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  3. Ugh, down .1 lbs

    Woke up to a crabby loss, trying to pin point what I had yesterday, but it could be a whole number of things.

    Breakfast - Apple
    Lunch - Salad w/ Turkey Burger & Ceasar Dressing (Which is a no no)
    Dinner - Lean Burger Patty with Salad & Greek Dressing (Also a no no)

    I took my HCG at weird times yesterday too cause I slept in til almost noon which NEVER happens anymore, not sure how I managed to do that, and I drank a fair bit of diet pop.
  4. P4D7 Looks like my first P4 steak day

    Well, I woke up to a 2 lb gain, so it was probably either the brand of sugar free ice cream I had, the extra piece of whole wheat bread I had at dinner, or the extra serving of chips and dips....Either way, today will be a fage day.
  5. Can I lose on P3?

    So, I am stabilizing at 147 +/- 6 ounces. LDW is 146.8. My first day of P3, though, I was at 145.2.

    Wishing to stabilize at 145. Is it possible/allowed to deliberately lose during P3? Can I do a steak day to get closer to my goal weight, or is that just for "emergencies"?

    I had no losses last night because I ate melon, I think. Too high in sugar. I don't think I drank all my water, too - so perhaps I had some trouble releasing. I also didn't get ...
  6. Ok so that did not go as planned.

    GRRRR!!! Gained 1 lb after experimenting. I got all this good stuff . . green tea, yerba mate, amino acids and felt off to a good start.

    I found these apple cookies online and tried the recipe . . . they were a bust . . never really turned into a cookie and they pushed me over my fruit limit for the day . . . that acounts for my 1 lb gain . . yes I am blaming the apple cookies.

    I just desperately needed something to chew . . . apple cookies or apple ...
  7. VLC Day 7


    254.4 (doctor's office; weighed in afternoon and received B12 shot)
    249.8 Load 1
    248.8 Load 2 (-1)
    250.0 VLCd 1 (+1.2)
    247.4 VLCd 2 (-2.6)
    243.8 VLCd 3 (-3.6)
    242.8 VLCd 4 (-1)
    242.6 VLCd 5 (-.2)
    240.4 VLCd 6 (-2.2)
    240.2 VLCd 7 (-.2)

    I forgot to eat a second apple yesterday. My calories ended at 411 for the day. I will eat a second apple today, or more protein, to ensure my ...
  8. Chips and Dip...Possibly my Kryptonite

    I made some guac and had it with the multigrain tortilla chips, 1 serving 15 grams of carbs....They were so good, I went back for another serving. Yikes! 30+ grams of carbs, 30 chips, about 1& 1/2 avocados...I don't even wanna know how much fat is in that. I tamed it down a bit for dinner, I had a turkey burger, with bacon, cheese and a bit of the leftover guac on a wheat bun. However I think I might be realizing an interesting development. Last night I had some sugar free ice cream at the varsity, ...
  9. Confession!

    Geez, my period must be coming so yesterday I had some huge cravings and ended up having some Pho soup and about 5 pieces of coco crack. I gained a pound this morning and think most of it was water.

    But today i have no excuses for. I ate everything, sigh...
    I had some mahi mahi for lunch that was fine, but then...

    I had an ice cream sunday, pizza, lympia and some yogurt. I just got back on protocol this week and I am sucking. i lost all the weight i gained last ...
  10. didn't really eat today p3 day 15.

    I didn't really eat today..I was so busy, and I have a strict rule no eating after 5 and preferably after 4:30. Need to make time to eat. I told Jeff (DH) I needed to eat in Estes, or I would not be able to eat. He said we would make it home in time, and we didn't. Hoping I don't gain from the lack of food. DH felt bad and asked if i wanted to go to a pizza restaurant in Loveland or my favorite Oriental food place. They are on the way home. He knows I can't eat that stuff, so not sure why he offered. ...