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  1. R2 p3 d18

    Hello all! This p3 has been tough! I added pistacios and mac nuts on sunday, and had 2 glasses of wine. Bad idea. I was up to 2.6 over liw. So yesterday i did a steak day and was UP .2 this am! Yikes! That was a first! I think i've become somewhat immune to steak days or i'm messing them up by having milk with coffee during the day.... Any way i'm trying the Fage day today! I couldnt find FFF but 2%. So i'll hopefully be down tomorrow!
  2. Patchy Dry Skin?

    Has anyone been experiencing patches of dry skin that itch. It kinda looks like Excema (?).
  3. R2P2D2 Down 2 with rogue morning coffee

    Looks like it's a day of 2's. So back to low weight from the 1st round of P2. I'm going just a wee bit rogue this round and decided that in order to make life so, so much more enjoyable, I'm having 1-2 oz. of lactaid milk in my coffee. I mean isn't life too short not to enjoy the one vice occasionally?
    It may up my daily calorie and carb count, but, I'm willing to ditch the 2nd fruit in order to enjoy the coffee. The sacrifices we must endure.
    Anyone using FitDay to track calories ...
  4. R1P2D21 VLC 19 What a great day to be me!

    So im down another 1.6lbs (286.8) and since im half way through my 43 day phase i decided I would bring out the measuring tape. Ive lost 17 inches!!!!! When I came out of the bathroom my boyfriend of 7 years said wow babe your stomache is getting smaller you look great. Hes supportive of me whatever size I am. Thats why I love him.
  5. P4 Tortilla Soup Recipe and ramblings

    So today I am slightly up, by .6 from liw, but it's o time.

    I'm noticing I'm more uncomfortable with o then I was with tom, weird.

    I'm still taking my supplements, if you are wondering which ones:

    L Carnitine-GNC
    Digestive Enzymes-Walmart
    Cholestoff-Walmart (my cholesterol is a little high)
    Omega 3,6,9-Walmart
    Co Q-10-Walmart

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  6. Correct day to weight for the LDW

    I am about to leave for the planned interruption (funeral) so today will be my last dose day. So is my LDW today's weight or tomorrow's weight? I am planning on doing two days of VCLD (i am on homeopathic so two days is ok) without the drops then going on P3 for my trip back east and then when I return to stay on P3 for 2 more days re- introducing the drops again and then go back to P2 for 10 or 12 days. Today is my VCLD 30 and I have lost 25 pounds so far. I think the diet is 42 days???? so ...
  7. Starting the week of May 16th, 2011???

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinacg View Post
    Not only am I new with the hcg diet but also using a forum. I am looking for some buddies to help me get through this. I began loading today. It's weird because I feel like I finally have the excuse to eat, eat, eat and I'm really not that hungry or have any cravings!!! Maybe in a couple of hours, something will kick in.
    I'm also curious how everyone adds their "ticklers" and hcg info on each one of these????
    Good Luck to you. There are a few places you can ...
  8. Vlcd50

    Wow...Can't believe I'm actually here at Day 50!So proud of myself. Not for losing the weight but for sticking this out and really letting change take place. I have learned just how strong I am, and it feels mighty good.

    Today 1lb loss. 119lbs. Planned a protein intense day last night in preparation for not losing again....so I am sticking with it. Today's food plan:
    11.4 oz chicken
    large coffee w/ non fat milk

    495 calories ...

    Updated May 17th, 2011 at 10:29 AM by MeOnHCG

  9. Just read that HCG diet is "semi-starvation" fad diet??

    I hate reading stuff like this. Makes me think I'm semi-crazy! We're not crazy, right?? I mean, it's really working for me and I'm not starving in the least.
  10. 150.4 again

    Hello everyone. I know that I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I didn't have anything to say. During my last update, I gained 1 pound due to TOM (who still hasn't arrived yet, hopefully tomorrow). However, I noticed that I showed a 1 pound loss this morning. Very weird and very interesting? I hope that the increase in hcg and increase in cardio is helping with the water weight. I was told to do an apple day a couple of days ago but I just never got around to it. Either way, Thursday ...