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Back in the loss column! (-2.4)

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Well, I lost the 1.4 I gained because of my cheat, and a pound more to boot. Thank goodness! After 10 days, loss of 15 pounds. Today was difficult because I had to go out of town to judge a contest. I really don't have the ability to take food with me (I was going to be in a courthouse for hours on end, with no fridge or anything), so I took along a couple of low-fat protein bars for meals. Not my preference, but better than snacking from the vending machine or stopping for a cheeseburger because of hunger. I feel good about it.

I'm excited about things again. I know I'm going to get at least 40 pounds off this round, and that will be a good start. Very tired and it's almost midnight, and I have to be back to the competition by 8 am (and I live 90 miles away). So to bed it is!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Wahoo, on the 1.4 lb loss! Luv those losses that are over a lb. Hope your contest goes well. Soon u'll be back in your routine, and eating the protocol food will be easier to do. Good luck this weekend!