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  1. Who's ready to build muscle??!! Males and females welcome! :D

    If you'd like to build muscle, I get super excited about helping others do this!- SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. It also does not matter which phase you're in.

    I'm sorry, I just had some coconut oil chocolate pudding and my energy is through the roof insane right now.

    Ladies and gentleman, if you want a better butt(literally), it all starts and ends with muscle. Learn to master the shaping of your glutes! You will greatly ...
  2. I overindulged!

    So, I overindulged in macadamia nuts yesterday!

    What had happened was:

    I went over to a friends house late at night after only having had one meal for the entire day and going into work early. The worst part of yesterday was that I planned on just eating after I left there, not putting into account that I might be hungry sooner than that. Haha. It had been 12 hours since I last had any food for the day so I ran to my local Wally World and bought a little container ...