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I overindulged!

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So, I overindulged in macadamia nuts yesterday!

What had happened was:

I went over to a friends house late at night after only having had one meal for the entire day and going into work early. The worst part of yesterday was that I planned on just eating after I left there, not putting into account that I might be hungry sooner than that. Haha. It had been 12 hours since I last had any food for the day so I ran to my local Wally World and bought a little container of Macadamia nuts. Yeahhh, I ate about 500 calories worth and gained .6! MMMmmmmnooooo. I know it's mostly water weight though. So I'm not worried. =P. I knew I was going to be hungry! Shame on me for sure. I expect a loss tomorrow despite hitting the weights hard tonight- that's the plan, anyway.

I'm ready to lift things up and put them down.

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