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Still adding in carbs/starches

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176 # I guess I'm a bit more than 2 weeks now into P4 and I'm going strong.
I am still eating extremely clean , very low sugar , a minimum of prepared or packaged foods.

Today is the first day that I am eating over 150 carbs. In p3 I started with 20-30 and was keeping it well under 50 on my first few days of P4, but since then I've really ramped it up, mostly because I am doing intense workouts 3 days a week. I eat most of my starches around my workout which is in the morning, with another serving either with dinner or before bed. Throughout most of the day I eat high protein, low carb, high fat. My last meal of the day is high carb, low fat with some moderate protein thrown in. This combination seems to help me sleep pretty well. Nothing really exciting to tell.....Just keep on keepin' on.

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    That's interesting that your last meal of the day is higher carb, lower fat, and moderate protein. When I was in Poland, they ate meat sandwiches for breakfast, a huge lunch including protein and dessert, and a higher carb, small dinner. All the Polish people I met were skinny or normal size. You might be on to something.

    And I've got to try something to sleep better. Again last night I slept poorly--and this was after only sleeping 5 hours the night before. Could it be that this is my 38th VLCD and my body needs a break? I wonder if I'll sleep better once I go P3. And I even went for a bike ride last night and got sun yesterday.


    Don't you feel like a scientist trying to figure out the best fuel on which to keep your body machine running well?