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The Reset Button

P4 one week......its good to be back!

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It's been a busy week and I am officially through 1 week of P4! I've been lucky in that I don't seem to be having issues with any particular starches, but I do think that adding back in starches in general has pushed my weight up a bit. This makes sense since the body retains more fluid to process the starches. Add in the fact that I also started back to the gym this week and it is no surprise to me that I am sitting exactly at 2lbs above LIW.

I've started boot camp again. I went Tuesday and Today and there is a class on Saturday. I will decide whether to go Saturday morning. I thought I'd been hit by a bus after Tuesday, but I am feeling much better after today's class. I think it's because I made sure I had an appropriate pre and post workout meal ready and really worked at getting my calories up yesterday and today.

There is a part of me that wants to freak out and do a steak day because of the 2lb gain. But I really believe this is from the exercise and fluid retention in the muscles. My poor body must be in shock.......first it lives on 500 calories a day for 38 days, then it gets no carbs (well, nothing about 20-30) for 3 weeks and then I ask it to go into the gym and do a bunch of stuff!! It's happier now that I've got my carbs up above 100. This is a work in progress and every day is new experiment! I know I need to increase my calories in general and my carbs on workout days in particular..but this takes time.

I had forgotten how much by body craved movement and as someone who has suffered with depression over the years, I find it is a serious mood stabilizer for me. It is worth a couple of pounds, if I can work on the re composition of my body and keep myself happy at that same time. It's less about the scales now and more about getting myself really fit. There will be time enough to do another round if I feel the need. Maybe after the first of the year. For now I'm going to MOVE!!

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Good for you, River, knowing what you need. Listen to your body. It's smarter than you know...