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Am i really just slow?

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CW: 120.4 (-0.6)

So after a gain of 0.2 lbs the day before, I'm down 0.6 lbs this morning. Yay, but I would've liked to see a whole pound lost. I purchased my hcg drops from a doctor's office. He recommends an 800 calorie limit. The extra calories come from an extra fruit, an extra protein as a breakfast, a 2+2 rule for snacks (no more than a combined total of 4g of sugars and fats in a food when choosing a very low calorie snack), and unlimited salads and vegetables. I really love that I can have a breakfast again. I'm a total breakfast girl, and skipping breakfast was the hardest part of the original protocol for me. I never eat the extra fruit he suggests, and there are hardly any snacks available in me grocery stores that fit his 2+2 rule, so I haven't snacked on anything but a bag of ideal protein crunchies and some no sugar added Werther's hard candies. But I have added a big bowl of leaffies and some Walden's dressings to my 4 oz of veggies at each meal. I haven't gone up to 800 calories, but yesterday was my highest at 743. I still lost weight, but it leaves me to wonder if I would have lost more on the original protocol.

Consider me a lab rat, today I'll stick to Dr. Simeons'and see if I lose more than when I eat on the new 800 calorie diet. I also read that sometimes, after a big loss day there can be a backlash of either stationary weight for a few days or a weight gain. I know Simeon said that normal weightloss was 0.5-2 lbs on his program, and the rate of weightloss was proportional to how much the person had left to lose. So, maybe my -0.6 was not slow loss, maybe its just because I'm lower in abnormal fat.

*****ok for anyone who hasn't read the ThinSlim? Thread in the forums I did 2 rounds of the hcg diet back to back with a product that was sold to me as natural hcg. A blend of stuff that act as powerful app suppressants called ThinSlim. I lost weight, but very slowly, and i had to keep decreasing my calories to lose, until i was only losing on days i was fasting. Basically I was starving myself and using app suppressants. Not cool with me. I am now on real hcg but have been on P2 of the diet since July 21(I thought it was longer, but it just feels that way). My profile says R1 P2, but I have been following the diet much longer. I'm planning to take Oct. 6 &7 off for Thanksgiving, but I know I can't go overboard. And then I'm taking off the next Saturday for my kids' birthday party. I hate having to explain my weird eating habits to our friends (especially when none if them had to lose 80 lbs after childbirth like I did.).

My goal today is to stick to 500 or less and to not lick the peanut butter and honey off the knife after I cut my son's toast for breakfast. Soooooo hard!

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  1. Rivyn's Avatar
    You're right. And about the "days off" you're right too. What may work better instead, would be moving onto p3 early, like you said, and then starting the hcg cycle again from the beginning, this time using hcg the entire time. I'm just feeling disappointed, discouraged and confused after the ThinSlim scandal. Maybe I need a bit of a break (not to go crazy, mind you but just to not have to over think my meals a nd foods). My kids are both teething, two of us have the stomach bug, and I just started back at work after my maternity leave (Im substitute teaching now). So im pretty stressed, and well... I just don't want to give up on another diet, u know. So, I guess I'll just buck up, and stick to it. I mean I was able to do the Dr.S protocol, with faux hcg, so why am I being such a baby now that I've got real stuff? Thanks for the comments GonnaLoseIt. You helped me to decide what I'm going to do: stop whining!
  2. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hey Rivyn, feel free to "whine away"...! It's all good. That's not where I was going with this, hope you understand that. When you are under a lot of pressure and stress, it's NO WONDER you're having a hard time! Just be sure to take care of yourself, and do what you can to get back to a healthy place. It's going to get better!