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Buh-Bye Icky Inches!

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Weight: 121.5 (+-0)

Well, I'm not crazy about the flatline but meg. In bigger more important news, I lost 0.5" from my waist, and another 0.5" from my tummy. Big YAY! The weight is not as important to me as the inchloss. Like I said before, I get the concerned looks from folks if I tell them I'm on a diet, like they think I've got some sort of secret desire to be annorexic. Puh-lease! And give up chocolate forever! The fact that P2 doesn't allow for Chocolate Delight (or Cocoa Crack in some circles), makes me crazy! I remember a part from the original HCG manuscript by Dr. Simeon, where talks about a woman who came to see him about "reducing"; he wrote that while she looked rather stickly skinny (not his words exactly) from the waist up, when she stood up, he could see the her bottom half was disproportionately fat. She wanted to use the diet to rid herself of her abnormal fat on her hips and thighs.

See, that lady's hips and thighs are like my tummy for new. The muscles need work, sure, but you'll never see all my hard work under that excessive layer of fat, such doesn't seem to exist so thickly anywhere else on my body (boobs don't count).

So 0.5" down, only 2.5" left to go!

I ate pretty close to regular P2 protocol today, the only difference was that I split my meals up so that I had a tiny bit of protein and fruit for a breakfast, and so made my other two protein portions smaller, and no fruit with supper.

I'm actually not expecting a big loss, if any tomorrow. I'm sick with a.bit of a stomach bug, and its that TOM so im retaing water like crazy, I feel like a balloon that's half full of water and half with air. Another wonderful thing about being a female of this species.

Last note: I don't always get time to read comments posted, let alone reply. Sometimes it takes a few days. My posts are long and I kinda waste my tiny sliver of free time, letting my thoughts spew out as coherently as I can manage. Don't hate me for it. And if you do, don't waste time typing it out, I'll probably never get the time to even read it.

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  1. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Congrats on everything so far, Rivyn!!