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My bum is gone!

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Ok, to clarify things;I didn't want to lose my bum or my hips, I'm trying to get rid of that spare tractor sized tire sitting on my belly (thanks pregnancy!). I've been losing pounds and inches, but most came from my hips and bum. I'm pretty sure that its impossible to target 1 specific area on your body for weightloss using either diet or exercise. However, if my already humble breasts begin to experience fatloss as well, then I don't know if I can live with this particular diet. Not a quitter, but I'm not sticking with something that's making me look yucky. Anyway, I'm not there yet.

Down to:
Weight: 118.6lbs (+0.5lbs from yesterday, but that's thanks to only drinking half my required water and a bit too much salt, and TOM, I'm pretty sure)
Waist: 26.75"
Belly: 31.75"

FYI I have not been this weight since I was 17. So its been 10 years. Shape wise I was super-toned with a very nice tight tummy (24hrs/week in a dance studio will do that for you!). So I'm pretty sure my muscles made me weigh more that I looked like I did. I wonder how much more I would have to lose to look like a less muscular version of my 17 yr old self? They say weightloss slows down as your weight drops. In the past 11mos I have lost 60lbs, only the last 15lbs or so on hcg. My loss has been stop and go lost in the last 8lbs, and I'm thinking it has to do with my current weight, and the fact that I am really near my target weight. Some one said that it was because my hcg is fake, but I really don't know. I can't get hcg in Canada, so I've been trying to import from a reliable source. Why do ALL the websites have such cheesy names? Even the ones that sell their products for 5times the prices of others have sketchy sounding names.

Babbling. Anyway, I'm working pretty steady now so my blog posts will be fewer and far between, and I may not get a chance at all to respond to comments.

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