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Gaining???!!!! What????!!! Nooooo!!!!

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SO I haven't Blogger for a couple of days. This is the summarized breakdown:
I was experimenting with the different protocols. One day I did Dr. Lipman's which says you can eat up to 800 calories, and he included a bunch of different sugar few, fat free snacks (only one or two a day), and unlimited salads and veggies. I ate around 750 cal ( I'd have to reread my blog for exactly how many) and I lost 0.6lbs ( I think, I'd have to check again). I decided to go back to Dr.Simeons' original protocol to see the weightloss comparison. Well, I gained 0.4lbs. I decided to try sticking to it, since the majority of the successful dieters seem to. My weigh in this morning was +0.7lbs. So now I'm up a total of 1.1lbs! I guess the 80 min hike-jog I had to take a high school gym class on, may have added water retention weight. ( I had to keep jogging back and forth between the various groups to make sure everyone was ok and behaving and stuff, so I probably ran harder than anyone) I just don't get the gain from the previous day. The only thing that was different was that I tried eating Miracle Noodles for the first time, and they gave me a very bad stomach ache. Some miracle!

I've been reading a blog by a woman on her 6th round. She had some suggestions for p2 gains and stalls. Ok, in her daily blog she records her weight and everything she eats, plus recipes for every meal, so they weren't so much suggestions, as me copying some of the stuff she did during her problem times. She did fff days, but kept her calories under 500, or she combined fff with a mini steak day, still keeping her calories around 500. She called them rogue days, since they are very in-protocol, and may not always work.

I acknowledge that it may not work and cause stabilization issues, but I am trying a fff day today. So I'm eating 32 oz of fat free fage, and 8oz of berries. If this increases my weight, then obviously I won't do this again until p3. If I lose I think I may go back to the Dr.Lipman protocol, but not eat any of his snacks, or any bread, but keep the unlimited salads.

One other reason, my weight might be being mean is that I think my TOM is coming up. (It's a little unpredictible since I started IUD).

This woman's blog also says that she started using hcg patches, and that might have helped her break through one of her plateaus. I don't know...even though I've been on hcg for only 9 days now, I've been doing the hcg diet plan since July 18, and have been on a vlcd since July 21. I'm really staring to get tired of p2, and if you count the weightloss from July 21 until today, I've only lost 10lbs. And less than half of that was from the beginning of my hcg cycle. I'm really reluctant to give up, but I'm so sick of only 500 calorie days, and either no losing, or gaining weight.

I'm totally rambling now.

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    This is a very unforgiving plan and I know from experience that tampering with the original protocol is the DEVIL!!! It seems to begin a cycle of ups and downs and also affects stabilization and the reshaping of P3. Unfortunately, you may not even know this until you reach P3.

    The SF and FF stuff that is man made is not even a good choice for P3 and for many of us even in P4. If I have any of that stuff, it sets off cravings and appetite and weight gain.

    So, I really would love to hear that you are continuing to follow the DR S protocol for the rest of your round. Exercise, if you are used to it, nut dont go at it too hard. Your body needs more nourishment for more strenuous stuff. If you do these things, you will likely feel in control in a few days with consistent losses. All the best!
  2. Rivyn's Avatar
    Seriously about Dr. Lipman! I had so many good reviews from his stuff on a bunch of other forums. Ugh! Probably, his secretaries! No wonder I'm so hungry. I mean, I wasn't even this bad on the ThinSlim stuff, and that was sheer willpower. Probably has a formula for making you hungry so you fail, have to stay on the diet longer and buy more, like an evil cycle. THANK YOU!
    About the "miracle noodles", I was reading your post about the frenemy foods about the time my stomach started burbling. So I was a little late. On that one. Think I'll save the other few bags to make creepy Halloween bowls of slimy worms. I mean what else can I really recycle them into?

    Oh, and lastly, I tend to blather on as u can tell, but I intend to commit to the protocol, fully now. The last week my best friend started her new diet (Ideal Protein) and has been really wanting me to jump on the latest diet bandwagon with her. Doing a diet with somebody close to you is really motivational for both of us, so I was really kinda feeling pressured. But, I talked to her and I'm going to stick it out. Even do anothet round from scratch since this one is becoming so flawed. There is a doctor in a town about an hour and a half away who does the injections. Tomorrow is Monday, and I am making a call to that clinic.

    I really am glad you commented, and yes I quit the supplements too (I had been using raspberry ketones for months with no noticable shrinkage, there is no regulation on anything!).
  3. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hi Rivyn! I am SO GLAD to have helped!! It sucks, it really does; getting a good feel for what to believe when so many things are SO MARKETED nowadays....ugh. It's NO WONDER you were deceived! I feel for you, I do.

    Have you ever considered doing the hCG protocol as an injection as several of us do here? Meaning....you buy it yourself, mix it yourself, and can adjust any dose issues yourself? You'll be paying a fortune, most likely, by going to a clinic.

    I was adamant that I wanted a doctor monitoring my progress, and I DID do that. BUT....I didn't do a clinic. I found an MD who wrote the prescription I use. BUT....a prescription isn't necessary, and neither is a doctor's monitoring you.

    As for hype out there: there's tons. Any "drop" hype is just that -- hype. Since the FDA banned the sale of homeopathic hCG, drop makers have had a hard time, and I sympathize. BUT....there's no banning hCG for "off-label" use (which is what the protocol is viewed as by the FDA). And you can buy enough for "personal use" online with no legal hassles.

    If you need help on how to do this, PM me. If you're interested, of course. -GonnaLoseIt

    P.S. LOVE the recycle idea on how to use the "miracle" noodles....hee hee...
    Updated September 17th, 2012 at 11:45 AM by GonnaLoseIt