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day 3

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Day 3 midway through, and like a dope i forgot my dose last night and my dose this morning.... obviously was not thinking about the diet.. which is a good thing... means i am not hungry... so i added a couple drops to my afternoon dose i took a little while ago. I had a little more protein today. I couldn't help it. I figure if I am going to so call cheat, I will just it a little more protein.. I think I needed it to get me through until I could eat a normal meal. i don't cheat so... I was down 2.6 since yesterday when I weighed this morning. Going to try not to weigh until saturday... i feel like i become a slave to my scale and obsessively weigh. i weighed this morning... and wasn't going to, so you can see that I can't not weigh... fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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