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My Journey Begins - VLCD #1

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Well, it is finally here. The dreaded VLCD. I was actually looking forward to it last night, after my two days of loading. I do NOT want to eat like that anymore - UGH ! It was painful. I ran on the treadmill because I felt so guilty and gross.
I carefully prepared some chicken, fish, shrimp, and beef, along with steaming some asparagus and cabbage yesterday. And guess what.......it was actually exciting ! Just knowing that my success in this journey is dependent on me being accountable makes it mean so much more.
I have to admit though, I think I am really going to miss my running routine. I plan to do a one week break and see how I feel, hopefully being able to add some exercise back in gradually.
I am relieved that I am not hungry this AM so far. Had my coffee with stevia and it was OK. Also had 32 oz of water so far - impressive ! Plan to have my strawberries in a little bit, along with some tea.
I am definitely a Type A personality, but am trying to keep the stress in check during this diet. Hopefully each day will get better and better and I will get this last 25-30 lbs gone in no time !

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Sounds like you are really set up for success. You will do great, just follow through on the protocol if you hit hard spots, and use the Live Chat, or your blog to get added support or questions answered. I'm on my second week and have learned a lot about myself, my family, and my health already.
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Just imagine, really, you are in the control seat on this journey and that is very empowering!