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robert nesta

day 1 vlcd

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ok peeps

the rubber meets the road so to speak.

I could show images and go on and on about how much success I had in 2010 - I felt so good about myself,it was amazing.

when I made it to phase 4 , I was sure I had this for a life time .... but , just as statistics dictate, almost every person in the world that goes thru a weight loss , without solid adherence and commitment to eating right for life, the pounds will creep back.

I made it for a year and a half close to my LIW - then , in the third year after round one, I stopped paying as close attention to what I ate, and ,one nite in late 2012, with a pint of haagen dazs in my hand , I said enough. I planned to correct the problem in Jan, 2013 and here I am...

The good news is , I know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

first day --- down a couple pounds. I had lost about 5 pounds last time first vlcd but , I dunno , I may have loaded different etc - I did focus on HIGH FAT this load and I think 3 yrs ago I think I just ate everything in sight those two days of loading.

One thing I am doing is adding calorie free master amino acid pattern to my daily intake to inhibit muscle wasting during p2. I have taken the product for two years and I love it. I used it to add slabs of lean muscle after my first round . It is the one and only supplement I will never live without ! -- -I have seen elsewhere that people do infact use it during HCG protocol. It works. www.masteraminoacidpattern.com to learn about it -- message me if ya wanna know more about it,. here are images from my last round
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Updated January 24th, 2013 at 12:12 PM by robert nesta