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robert nesta


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Day 14 VLCD results . Over all weight loss 246.5 to 229.9 16.6 pounds in 14 days.


have seen a loss Feb.3.2013_2wksafter2.jpg each day except 2 of them which I stayed even on those days.

I just broke into the 220's today and man that feels good - I took some pics before and two weeks after yesterday, to keep me motivated. Quite a difference in just TWO WEEKS !! ----------- iT IS AMAZING WHAT THIS PROGRAM BRINGS WHEN YOU STICK TO IT NO MATTER WHAT.

Believe me, there where Superbowl parties on every street here in Laguna where I live and guess what/I stayed home, by myself, and watched the game and drank 140oz. of San Pellegrino water. I was committed and on point and rewarded today when I stepped on the scale today I dropped close to two pounds.

So happy , and I look forward to the next several weeks, I have attained goal then. Commitment for me is following through on doing what I said I would do , long after the feeling I had when I said I would do it has left me.

Food intake day 14
grassfed Beef 4 oz
chkn organic breast 4 oz

java black
140 oz. water
superdieters tea

it was a great day - let's have another today

Attachment 12556

here is a pic (above) as of last nite 2 weeks into it

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Updated February 4th, 2013 at 10:09 AM by robert nesta



  1. pookster's Avatar
    Looking good! Congrats on your loss! Keep it up!
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    you are doing an amazing job
  3. robert nesta's Avatar
    thx pook and tdubb !
  4. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Amazing. It's nice to see when "guys" blog on this forum even though men lose faster.
  5. wrg0714's Avatar
    I am glad you are doing so good, I just started and hope that I get the same results,
    I've lost 17 pounds so far...exited.
    Keep it up!
  6. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    So excited for you!!