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robert nesta

day 15 p3

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Start weight - 246.5
LIW - 218.6 ---------- today 214.7

I have been doing well in p3 and I am still dropping weight below LIW which is normal for me because I am active. One thing is , yesterday I ate organic chicken thighs all day because I like them , and had a bowl of greek yougurt and some orange.. and lost about 2 pounds without trying - had 3 mugs of bp java also ------------- going surfing now , waves are great


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  1. pookster's Avatar
    robert.. are you eating the skin on your chicken thighs? Or are they skinless?
  2. robert nesta's Avatar
    oh hell yes I am - the best part - FAT
  3. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Chicken thighs goooood. Fage baaaaaad (for me)....lol