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robert nesta

Day 17 P3

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two mugs o' BP coffee to start the day and this beast of a porterhouse apprx 1:30 pm after a 3 hr surf session
- this is the final weekend of p3 but really , I dont see much of a difference of what I am eating now and what I am committed to eating in the future in P4 ( also know as, life.) - I am done with grains, starch and sugar - done. I am committed to a healthy paleo bulletproof lifestylemarch82013.jpg. I am at my goal weight and actually 3 or four pounds below my LIW. I have leaned out and tightened up significantly in the last weeks since p2 and have been working out and surfing EVERY DAY.

FOCUS on our goals , and they come to be, there is no other possible outcome , and my friends , plz don't bother your precious mind with MINOR fluctuations in weight of fractions of pounds... what you think about and you speak about , what you dream about your'e gonna bring about. Jah Bless

One Love

Robert Nesta

Jan20_2013_day1.jpg me Jan 20th , 2013 DAY 1 march8th13.jpg ME DAY 17 OF P3 MARCH 8TH, 2013

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Updated March 9th, 2013 at 07:06 AM by robert nesta



  1. cr7's Avatar
    Awesome! Good for you! I start Monday - Can't wait!
  2. pookster's Avatar
    Way to go Robert! You seem to be enjoying your success and you should.......Im just killing time in P3 til the 18th when I head back into P2...hopefully my last round and will emerge with a NORMAL BMI
  3. akdani's Avatar
    You are rocking it. Great job. I hear you on the eating. That is how I have always ate, very Paleo till the god awful divorce which is why I put the weight on, first time in my life.

  4. marvless's Avatar
    ROR. Rock on Robert!
  5. robert nesta's Avatar
  6. Rabo's Avatar
    I loves me some Robert and his beautiful, happy thoughts!
  7. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    great way of thinking! I too have adopted the no more sugar & starches. I don't miss any of that junk!!!! Here's to a healthy rest of your life!!
  8. scottgbrooks's Avatar
    Nice job Robert. I guess I'm the odd man out here. After 6 weeks I still crave breads, chips, cookies, etc. I know its my downfall and was hoping to have a different healthier mindset take hold during this protocol. I have teenage boys in the house that eat this stuff all day long and it just looks so good! I'm bad, I know, and I will have to work hard to avoid these dangers OR learn to satisfy my desire for these things with new gluten, low carb, sugar free satisfiers. I have been researching paleo baking ideas such as pancakes, cookies, breads and muffins. Hopefully I can find some terrific recipes to satisfy my urge. Any websites or food suggestions would be great:
  9. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Shakabra, great advice. I am like Scott, not over my desires for the bad stuff, but if we can live Paleo 90 percent of the time, we will avoid gaining back the weight we have lost. Thanks for sharing your story with us!!