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robert nesta

Day 22 vlcd result

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Day 22 VLCD result

down.2 ( essentially even ) to 224 start weight 246.5 total down 22.5 LBS in 22 days - amazing amount of inches. Everywhere I go people are astonished by the rapid transformation. I am feeling GOOD.

I could have a tug of war with the remaining body fat that I have, as I am getting very lean... HCG will win the war. I will make it be with strict adherence to the protocol foods and massive water intake

I found myself online fantasy trippin on phase 3 food **** last night before bed. I am a late night "food party" dude and thats how I got close to 250 in the first place... !

from now on , I will endeavor to NOT EAT around 3 hrs before I crash out for bed on p3 and esp. p4. I think about everything that comes near my pie-hole and how it will affect me... much like an alky would have to "think thru the drink" to stay sober...

I am excited as a approach my goal !

Food intake day 22 - consumed 4 hrs before sleep

pretty much the same as the other days

strawberries 8
4oz beef
chicken and sugar free salsa
Lettuce( jalapeno and onion)
120oz water( S. Pellegrino) coNsumed 12 hrs before awakening)
black java

multi vitamin
www.masteraminoacidpattern.com 10 + 10 ( lean muscle mass maintained VERY nicely)

rock out, people...


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  1. Toonsmom's Avatar
    I think that at about day 21 everyone starts salivating over P3 food...it's a common phenomenon! I just started P3 on Saturday after a 40 day round and I'll tell you, those last few weeks on P2 were tough!!! I may never eat spinach or asparagus again. But, time marched on and I made it to P3 without blowing it, as you will!!
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    I too have been trying to learning about P3 went to Health Mart and bought so stuff I can use on P3 Coconut Oil and Coconut flour.. Just stocking up! lol
  3. pookster's Avatar
    [email protected] ****... I am telling you.. last night I went to bed dreaming about pizza.. wth?? Thats out of the question in P3 unless I make my own with a different crust.. should be interesting to say the last..!
  4. robert nesta's Avatar
    yumm - food ****

    pizza is so amazing - but NOT TODAY
    Updated February 12th, 2013 at 09:39 PM by robert nesta