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  1. 7 months after LIW

    I have packed on alot of muscle, 10lb or more since my last injection 7 months ago - I like to keep people posted on the progress with images because a pic speaks 1000 words

    here is me FEB 19 and a pic of me from yesterdayLastiday2.18.2013side.jpgsept20.2013.jpg
  2. just checkin in - summer has been awesome


    just wanted to tell you all I am doing great and maintaining perfectly and have packed alot of muscle on, while improving lean physique through hard work and dedication to paleo principles with natural diary added - bp java is my best friend, and I help alot of men & women to attain greatness now
  3. yessssssssss

    My friends - my last INj weight was 218 and I am @ 211 today almost 3 months after the start of this journey.

    I am happy

    I was in Dallas last weekend for the launch of my new company and it would mean alot to me if you all would click on my website www.startmyripple.com and when you have the site up , text me to 9493574036 to get the 8 digit code to get in. On the first page there is a 2 min video - plz watch and help me ! --- its a win for you too !
  4. update

    Hi friends

    just feeling real real happy and grateful today so i thought I would share. No need to post pics because I have done that alot already - Just wanted to thank you for being my friends and riding this road with me. I have encouraged many others in my circles to work on being the best they can be as well.

    I am down around 212 and stable for 1 month into phase 4( life) this is about 6 pounds below my last inj weight. I plan on using paleo diet and exercise ...
  5. march 31st 2013 - Phase 4 update


    happy easter friends

    I am off to spend time with fam but wanted to tell you all , my life is perfect , because I accept it , as it is.

    I am happy - I love my life.

    staying 4 or 5 lbs below LIW and stronger than ever , my time in hawaii sharpened me in every way

    pic from yesterday

    march30_2013.jpg april1_2013.jpg

    Updated April 1st, 2013 at 10:47 PM by robert nesta

  6. the blue room

    i found a huge underground crystal clear pool with precious Hawaiian waters deep under the earth to swim today

  7. aloha - phase 4 in session ( Life)

    20130312_103129-1 (1).jpg20130313_113249.jpg20130313_132950-1.jpg


    TELL ME HOW YOU ARE DOING..........................
  8. onto phase 4 also known as LIFE


    half dozen eggs / fertile and organic for brekkie, BASTED INA LOAD OF ORGANIC GRASSFED ghee , after an epic surf sesh -with heirloom tomatoes yesterday !

    okay peeps - off to the land of aloha , you will not be hearing from me for awhile... I am not planning on logging in too much from here.... Lumahai-Beach.jpg

    I am about 3 or 4 pounds below liw and strong as hell right now - trust me when I tell you folks www.masteraminoacidpattern.com ...

    Updated March 11th, 2013 at 09:55 AM by robert nesta

  9. Day 17 P3


    two mugs o' BP coffee to start the day and this beast of a porterhouse apprx 1:30 pm after a 3 hr surf session
    - this is the final weekend of p3 but really , I dont see much of a difference of what I am eating now and what I am committed to eating in the future in P4 ( also know as, life.) - I am done with grains, starch and sugar - done. I am committed to a healthy paleo bulletproof lifestylemarch82013.jpg. I am at my goal weight ...

    Updated March 9th, 2013 at 07:06 AM by robert nesta

  10. day 15 p3

    Start weight - 246.5
    LIW - 218.6 ---------- today 214.7

    I have been doing well in p3 and I am still dropping weight below LIW which is normal for me because I am active. One thing is , yesterday I ate organic chicken thighs all day because I like them , and had a bowl of greek yougurt and some orange.. and lost about 2 pounds without trying - had 3 mugs of bp java also ------------- going surfing now , waves are great

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