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  1. Day 14 p3


    ya now - awesome factory , cranking it 24/7 on swing shifts.

    holding well below LIW - everything is beautiful , life is magic , stronger everyday . Up to 500 situps a day now , lots of waves and hawaii next week. One Love

    BP coffee for brekkie 2 giant mugs and chicken thighs , for lunch , just because I love how they taste. Eat up ! -------- protein and healthy FAT is your friend !
  2. Day 12 P3


    yessss - p3 brekkie

    and at lunner ( lunch and dinner combined hahaha ) I had prime rib - along with a good spinach salad

    my LIW was 218 and today I was at 215.8 so , lotsa wiggle room and no stress...

    all perfect from here

    I will be P4 ( life ) the day I get to Hawaii so , needless to say I will enjoy some island livin ( maybe a hunk of taro bread

    I will stay in moderation , ...
  3. day 8 phase 3

    day 8 p3


    ate 3 eggs and steak for brekkie

    3 cups ( giant muggs) BP java

    2 apples

    tri tip

    large salad with blue cheese

    1 pound bacon sugar free uncured

    2 nitrate free uncured hotdogs from applewood

    I'm sure I will wake up still 2 pounds under LIW

    I love p3

    off to go sing now , after a great day in the surf and sun


    Updated March 1st, 2013 at 10:56 AM by robert nesta

  4. Day 7 phase 3 -

    well , its hard to believe a week has gone by , ten days since injection - and I am stable 2 lbs below last inj. weight. ( LIW )

    I was working out yesterday carrying a roughly 35 pound rock on the beach , doing triceps , biceps, shoulders , and abs --- and when I was finished about 90 mins later , I dropped the rock in the sand, and realized , I dropped that same amount of weight behind me in the last month - and its gone , and I love my life.

  5. Day 6 phase 3

    I worked out today ,. Hard. - for about 90 mins on the beach , abs, bis , tris , and shoulders... all using what I found on the sand ( big rocks etc ) it was alotta fun. the sun was shining and the weather was sweet yah - not a chemtrail in the sky today , they didn't spray us so far this week. That always makes for a better day when they aren't spraying.

    I am stable 2 pounds below( 2.3 today ) my last inj weight. I made short ribs braised tonite with tons of aromatic veggies... really ...

    Updated February 26th, 2013 at 10:36 PM by robert nesta

  6. Day 5 phase 3 perfection


    wow - I cooked this in oil (coco) in the cast Iron .... I ate about an hr ago over a pound and a half of P3 perfection. New York Bone in. Yum.

    for Brekkie I had 2 giant mugs of BP coffee - and after a while FAR INFRARED SAUNA 45 mins,,,, and then
    I went down to the sushi bar and had a lobster hand roll, a spicy scallop handroll , and then some ONO sashimi ( no rice baby ) from Hawaii -

    then I walked on the ...

    Updated February 25th, 2013 at 06:14 PM by robert nesta

  7. Phase 3 / Day 4

    Phase 3 / Day 4

    Settling in about 2 pounds below LIW - eating all I want , high fat high protein still alotta water drinking each day

    Had a great day in the sunshine, surfing , and got the best wave of the winter today , offshore winds and perfect.

    Giving thanks for the life I have to live today.

    Thank you for your support !

    Jah Love !
  8. day 3 phase 3 - swine dining

    wow - here is my brekkie feast

    a quick entry before I head off to the farmers market -

    Oh yeah , I ate like a ANIMAL yesterday and still lost a pound - so I will have to eat MORE HI FAT HI PROTEIN YUMMIES TODAY !


    Updated February 23rd, 2013 at 11:29 AM by robert nesta

  9. Day 2 P3 --- fun

    so dig it, I am having fun in P3 lemme share with you what I did today ...

    woke up at the crack of 10 after playing music all night long in my rockin reggae band.

    Made this delicious p3 brunchie- Cage free organic eggs covered in raw/organic goat cheese and spices - nitrate free applewood smoked sugarfree bacon -BOOM - bacon.eggs.jpgp3 brekkie ---------------------- oh ya, prior to that 2HUGE mugs of delightful BP coffee with organic 86% milkfat butter ...

    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 06:35 PM by robert nesta

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  10. Day two of Phase 3 -

    Hi Friends- Day 2 of p3 is today and I am happy

    I performed last night and felt good -

    I ate hi fat & hi protein all day long consuming apprx 1700 cals

    I will bump that up a tad today as I lost a half a pound overnight , and I really wanna stay stable./

    Last time 3 yrs ago during p3 I lost 6 or 7 pounds without even trying.

    I really feel a psychic shift has occurred in my relationship to food. Finally , I get it... ...
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