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Holding strong Phase 4

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So far so good on phase 4 Last night the hubby and I went out to eat and had a big juicy steak with a salad and a baked potato. I was so scared to eat the baked potato but this morning when we did our weigh in we were fine. I was up 0.2lbs and he wasnít up any. Really I can eat a potato and not have to worry like I did. That makes me happy! I wouldnít do it every day but just knowing it is possible is awesome!

I have started to get things ready for Phase 2 again. I have bought some food so I can make chili and freeze it. I think it will be so handy just to be able to grab it out of the freezer and go. I donít want to be a slave to the kitchen again like I was last time, it seems like all I did was cook. I guess Iím still doing that lol but it feels different in phase 3 and 4.

I hope all my buddies are doing great!

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Robin, that's awesome and I love the new photo. You guys are doing great! When do you begin R2? I am jumping back in on 1/23 I think!

  2. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Julie I think we will start R2 the beginning of February. Are you going to cycle with R2? I don’t think we will but it’s something I’ve thought about. How is P4 going for you? I’ve been looking for FFF but can’t find any around us. I wanted to try it so I bought the fat free kind today. I didn’t want to drive 2 hours to the city to go shopping. I’ll have to make a trip when we start P3 next time because I’m running out of things. I love almond flour! I bought some coconut flour last week (that’s all I could find here) but I don’t like it as much.
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    Yes, I am planning to cycle 2 wks P2/1wk P3 if the results hold up. I looked at how much I lost in the first 2 wks of R1 and thought that would be good. I also read a lot of posts from other cyclers. Even if I lose 10 lbs per round, I will be very h appy with that. I think it may be easier on my body than going the 43 days @ 500 cals. ANd 10 lbs a month --- roughly --- is supposed to be an acceptable loss even in conventional medicine.

    I have not found the Full FF anywhere either. I settled on 2% and have been eating waaaayyyy too much of it. I didnt have any yesterday --- dont want to create an allergy. And my weight was up so wanted to cut back to just protein and veg. I am back within the 2 lbs again! WHEW! Where do you live? I am so lucky to be in a well populated area. I have all I could want at my fingertips. But with the internet, you do too! Ask your gorcer to order it for you.

    I have read that we can use the 0% fage in P3 but like anything, you will have to test it. I wil bet it will be ok for me. Coconut Oil is not m y friend in any Phase though. ALways gain or stall with that. I didnt test too much in p 4. Didnt have the desire or the appetite. Truthfully something has definitely chaged in my brain. If that is the work of the hypothalmus ---- then --- GOd bless it and where has it been all my life?

    OK gotta get back to work. Hope you continue to do well. Let me know when you start your next round! Julie