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Phase 4

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Phase 4:

Well I have made it to phase 4, Yahoo. My weight has stabilized and seems to be holding within 2lbs. I知 still not sure if I知 eating enough calories but I知 trying to eat more and more each day.

I have been thinking about doing another round and when will be the best time to start phase 2 again. I want to make sure I will be home for the most part of the first week. The first week was the hardest for the hubby and me. We had horrible headaches and were not very pleasant people lol.

Sometime I find myself going back to the negative body image of myself even though I have lost pounds and inches. I have to keep telling myself I do look better and will continue to with the help of another round of HCG. It痴 funny how we can fix how we look on the outside but we have to still work on who we are on the inside.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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