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Best ingredients to make crack

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Hello all,

I have watched utube videos read tons and tons of receipes on how to and what to use.

Some use stevia some use xylitol

I would love for a really good, good recipe for making crack.

I am craving chocolate, not a lot just a small bite.

So any help suggestions, hints, tips just anything will be GREATLY appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance

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  1. rochelle's Avatar
    making chocolate: cocoa, pure 1/2 teaspoon vanilla ,coconut oil heated to a mush,add some heavy cream if wanted,then freeze in pan till hard,take out and cut up and then refrigerate or eat. Ice cream is very easy as well.frozen fruit,(strawberrys,stevia,a little to taste, heavy cream,2 tbs,,blend on ICE button till crunchy,bam! ice cream.
  2. kapluzie123's Avatar
    I followed 2 different recipes-- each had their own distinct flavor.

    2 Tbsp cocoa
    2 Tbsp coconut oil
    2 Tbsp of xylitol ( I found stevia to be bitter after cooking)

    heat the coconut oil in a pot with the xylitol until the xylitol is melted ( over a low flame)
    add cocoa

    use parchment paper - to prevent sticking

    I lined a plastic container ( like a Chinese food takeout container)

    Put in freezer and freeze before eating
    This recipe tastes similar to a Joy chocolate bar


    2 tbsp. butter
    2 tbsp. cocoa
    2 tbsp. xylitol

    I heated the same as above and also put on parchment.

    I was able to double and triple recipe- to have for another day...

    This recipe tasted more like a creamy chocolate for me... you can add/subtract any ingredient as per your tastes...

    I tried to use mini cupcake holders-- but found that the concoction stuck to the paper really badly. Good luck.

    you can add vanilla, cinnamon orange peel--- to make different flavors..
  3. Leez's Avatar
    I use this recipe that doesn't need any cooking because you powder the xylitol and it doesn't need to be melted (you can powder it in a coffee grinder):

    2 T. coconut oil (liquid)
    2 T. cocoa powder
    1 T. xylitol (powdered)
    pinch of pink or sea salt
    vanilla or vanilla custard flavoring.

    Mix, pour into a small paper or styrofoam plate and chill to hard enough to break up.

    I sometimes add other stuff like nuts, coconut flakes, coffee crystals or dried fruits.
    Updated October 19th, 2015 at 12:26 PM by Leez