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Moody moody. Why am I so moody?

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Wow. Today is totally crappy and there is no reason for it I have been in a terrible mood the past few days, for no apparent reason. First I chalked it up to a 0.2 gain for two days in a row... but now I realize that my scale is totally out of whack (I've even changed the batteries) -- so I have no idea what I really weigh right now. And that really wouldn't bother me enough to make me as crabby as I am right now. I have been a bit tired -- staying up too late -- cold in the house (I am not turning the heat back on, it's mid-May!) -- so I'm not sleeping well at night, especially with the half installed french doors in my bedroom letting air in all around the door frame.

But a couple minor weight gains and being a little bit tired is no excuse for how just plain pissy I am. Currently I am working on installing a storm door for our new porch, and everything has been going really well. I have it hung, the latch installed and all that is left is putting in the closer on the top and the bottom of the door. I have had a little bit of trouble with getting one of the screws in because it's a tight space above the closer bracket and you would think it's the end of the world. I am cursing and stomping around and being completely unreasonable. It's a good thing that I am home alone, because this is ridiculous. I finally had to just take a break before I throw my cordless drill across the room. The poor dogs are already hiding in the living room because I am clearly unstable.

I know that this isn't PMS -- because TOM has come and gone just recently... but maybe there is some side effect to HCG involving moodiness? I don't know and I am too ticked off to bother pouring over the hundreds of forums, threads, and posts about HCG to see if I can find an answer. I guess I'll just turn on some really loud music to drown out the cursing and keep plugging away at this door -- and then when I'm done maybe I'll take a long bath and try to relax before I have a coronary over nothing.

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  1. Savora's Avatar
    Shoot girl I feel exactly the same way, I think my hubby might ask for a divorce and don't think I would care today. This is round 2 for me, how bout you? The first round I was more sad than angry, I'm with you on the cussing... wish I knew if there was something we could take to counteract this!
  2. rockbottom's Avatar
    This is my first round.... I'm on Day... I don't know - too much math. I started on VLCD April 8th and I am done with a 40 day round on May 18th (going into Phase 3 on May 21st). I've been doing pretty good this whole time until just a few days ago. I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I am sad that I am almost done with Phase2 and the fast weight loss is going to stop? Maybe I was always mad/sad but I used to mask it with copious amounts of food?

    There really isn't anything wrong... but I feel like there isn't anything right either. Which is total nonsense -- I weighed 277.4 pounds just over 30 days ago and I now weigh somewhere around 243 pounds. How am I not walking around with a permanent smile on my face?
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    I've heard that there is a special enzyme in Tilapia that makes people feel "crabby". Or is it "fishy"? I don't remember which.
  4. rockbottom's Avatar
    I think that the only thing "fishy" in your comment is your information.