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Losing Weight -- Gaining Life!

How to do Phase 2 with a Cold Virus.

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Or should I call this -- how NOT to do Phase 2 with a cold virus?

I don't know. I managed it. But wowser. It was tough business.

I started my HCG injections on Saturday October 29th -- Loaded the 29th and 30th - and then started VLCD on the 31st of October. Everything was going great. This is my 3rd Round -- I'm pretty 'in the groove' about what to do. Then Monday night I started feeling ridiculously sleepy. I just figured it was because I've been staying up too late. Tuesday morning I was feeling a bit drippy in my sinuses... but it was actually a nice day outside, so I decided to go ahead and clean out the garage a bit so that I could park the car in the there during the winter. I thought that the dust in the garage was just stirring up my allergies. I called my dietitian's office and asked if I could take Clariten-D 12hr and was given the go ahead to do so.

Wednesday morning -- I woke up with a horrible cold. Luckily, I had the day off already. I could barely function. Then I actually even called in sick to work on Thursday (and it snowed all day, so I am glad that I did!) and I never call in sick to work. I was exhausted... but then I couldn't sleep that night. I was freaking out because I didn't want to miss work again -- so I bit the bullet and took some TheraFlu Nighttime Warming Relief syrup. Just as I suspected, I had a gain the next morning (a GAIN! During week #1! So lame.) Then Friday morning, I dragged my sorry self out of bed, put on my uniform, packed a lunch, and headed into work -- only to find out that I wasn't scheduled to work. Ugh! Seriously?? I blame being sick. I've never made that mistake at this job and I've been there for 5 years. :P

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at lunch I made myself some Chicken Soup (warning, I'm a Veggie Mixer in Phase 2. I don't recommend this for everyone) -- with 4 oz of chicken breast, 1 and 3/4 cup of cabbage and 1/4 cup of onion -- and lots of garlic and onion powder, and pepper. I purposely made the soup with lots of water in the pot so that I could sip on the broth for a long time after the meat and veggies were gone. And in the evening I usually had fish and zucchini or cucumbers (sliced, sweated in salt water for 1+ hours, and then freshly pickled with white vinegar -- add a few sliced pieces of onion, some salt and pepper -- and then allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. Yum!!!!)

I know that I need to stop eating the exact same thing every day... but on Friday night I felt so crummy that I couldn't even be bothered to eat. I stuffed down the Cucumbers because I had already prepared them earlier in the day and I knew that I needed to get something in me. The problem with skipping supper is that you may not feel all that hungry at supper time... but in the morning... wow. And then you have to wait until lunch to eat. And it wasn't like I had some amazing loss due to the skip. EAT YOUR FOOD!

But the good news is... I am feeling so much better. I have weathered the storm and I still managed to lose 10# in my first week of Phase 2/R3. As of this morning I weighed 201 pounds -- but I did wake up really late with major dehydration from decongestants... so I wonder if my weight won't go up tomorrow. We shall see.

This better be the last cold I get this season (or ever... I'd take that offer too)!!

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    I don't usually laugh when people tell me they are sick but that work thing really made me laugh. I am so glad you are feeling better and so glad you are back to blogging. Seems like most of the people on the blogs are newbies. Hope the others are doing well. Maybe they are just in P3/P4 where most don't blog. lets hope. Congratulations on your loss. How long of a round are you doing?
  2. rockbottom's Avatar
    I blogged quite a bit during P3/P4 of Round 1 -- and then slowed down a bit during R2/P2 -- but by the time I hit R2/P3 -- I had run out of things to say. Hee hee. Plus I was busy and emotional and I don't like writing whiny blogs.

    I am aiming to do a 40 Day Round again. I have quite a bit more to lose... and I don't see any reason to cut it short. I know that I'll be miserable over Thanksgiving -- but it's one year. I can handle it. I will probably flub on my P3 and start doing some P4 eating about 3 days early because I have to go on a trip with some of the youth from my church.... and eating out strictly P3 is rough. But it will be fine. I will most likely do at least one more Round after this one -- so I can catch up as I go.
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
    I traveled for two weeks of P3 and did great. but then I got to pick the restaurants. it could be difficult if someone else picked them. I just stuck with protein and vegetables, fruit an yogurt. I also bought this mini scale from Amazon that works great and I travel with that.