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Back again - feeling positive!

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What a bummer it was to quit in September! I was able to lose some weight, but I wasn't in a good place mentally (finances were absolute poop!).

I am in a better place now, with a new job and a new routine. Not only that, I have found pre-cooked chicken breasts that must be microwaved for 2 minutes - so I am in heaven just thinking that I don't have to cook. I'm also back in school - which is crazy at my age... but I feel like I can do this and give myself a nice big vacation from EVERYTHING once Spring Break rolls around (:

On the list of good eats for this round (starting P2 tomorrow): Cucumbers, Broccoli, Chicken, and Water. I'm not sure how much variety I will need, so I bought some Morning Star vegan food just in case I get a desire to go off the wagon in any way (carb-free-sugar-free goodness). I was also able to lose my 17 pounds in R1 even though I used sour cream - so I have a dip I will use with my veggies that is sour cream based and less than 2 TBSP a day.

Happy loading - and wish me luck on the sugar detox!!!

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  1. ashlei88's Avatar
    Good Luck, you'll do great! Just make sure you're mentally ready for the next 20 - 40+ days. That's where most people fail. Cheating isn't worth it. Happy releasing!