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  1. P3D5..OOOOUUUUCH!!!!!!!!! ! 1.4 gain. Pork No Es Bueno

    Apparently yesterdays meal with Bacon and ham didnt agree with me!!! Big gain today!!!!

    So I will retry again in a few days. Damn Pork. Almost did a steak day today...but decided against. need .1lbs more and i would have.

    Todays "new" try will be Salmon. sticking with new meats.

    Here is my menu for today.

    May 23 164.2 (+1 .4) (.2 below LDW)TOTAL CAL: 1665 (C/91;F/108;P/98/S49)

    Days 5(meat):
    B: 2 scram eggs,

    Updated May 26th, 2011 at 04:17 PM by RoxieHart