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  1. P3D18 Steak Day is AMAZING!!!!!!

    So I finally had to do a steak day yesterday AND the results...2.2 lb LOSS SO happy.

    Today resuming P3 and bringing back NUTS. Dont know if that is the best choice. or just keep to clean P3. Need to stay at this weight before my VACA in 3 days.

    June 5 162.0(-2.2)(2.4 below LDW)(TOM) TOTAL CAL: 1836(C/104;F/139;P/110;S/52)
    Days 18(nuts):

    B: blueberry/nut Mug Muffin, 2c coffee,
    S: Apple Baked .5 ...

    Updated June 5th, 2011 at 12:36 PM by RoxieHart