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  1. P3D18 Steak Day is AMAZING!!!!!!

    So I finally had to do a steak day yesterday AND the results...2.2 lb LOSS SO happy.

    Today resuming P3 and bringing back NUTS. Dont know if that is the best choice. or just keep to clean P3. Need to stay at this weight before my VACA in 3 days.

    June 5 162.0(-2.2)(2.4 below LDW)(TOM) TOTAL CAL: 1836(C/104;F/139;P/110;S/52)
    Days 18(nuts):

    B: blueberry/nut Mug Muffin, 2c coffee,
    S: Apple Baked .5 ...

    Updated June 5th, 2011 at 12:36 PM by RoxieHart

  2. P3D17...Over the top(LDW) SOB steak day

    Super annoyed...ok "yes i did eat over 2000 cals(including wine and a mug cake)" so i should have expected to gain(based on my own predictions and analysis) AND I DID. BUT what is annoying is trying to figure out...the effects of TOM rather than blaming it on foods.

    I have NEVER had this much trouble with TOM. I feel really in TUNE with it and notice every change, bloat, water retention etc.

    164.2 that is .2 ABOVE LDW!!! so after 17 days of P3 it is time ...

    Updated June 5th, 2011 at 10:25 AM by RoxieHart

  3. P3D16...Cheese NOT so bad

    Well i introduced Cheese yesterday and didnt gain at all YAYAYAYY!!!!!

    I am worried about tonight. Friends coming over and in order to prepare...i am finally introducing WINE and a mug cake mmmmm.

    But i am close to LDW...we see Calories are over 2000...we will see if my predictions are true

    June 3 163.8 (0) (.6 below LDW)(TOM) TOTAL CAL: 2008(C/73 F/125;P/112;S/23)
    Days 16(cheese)(Alcohol)(dessert): ...
  4. P3D15...went a lil gremlin yesterday(as 'beth would say)......Damn TOM

    So i had a wonderful menu planned yesterday and was stickng to my 1700 cal or less . Welll Im not sure what happened to me.
    Even after 75 days of P2 i didnt cheat NOT even once. Well I didnt cheat yesterday, i just couldnt stop myself. I couldnt stop eating(even though all P3 foods) do you think it was like i was overstuffing on celery or broccoli....UM NO!!!! My body wanted COCOA CRACK and ALMOND BUTTER!!!!! My total calories yesterday 2018. But it was like i couldnt get enough almond ...
  5. P3D14...I knew it!!!!!

    Well i am at the end of 2nd week. after yesterday's prediction...I am DOWN .6 lbs.

    Feeling very bloated today...TOM any day/minute now. damn TOM. trying out shellfish...well just shrimp. They caused me to stall a lil in p2. want to see what it does this time around. I am loving me some almond butter in the mean time...and some Min muff. Below is menu for today. Still keeping below 1800 cals...i want that 2lb cushion before i head on VACA next week. So scared of that...i ...