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P3D10 Awww Nuts!!!

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Well yesterday I pushed the limits with Fats and Cals and introduced nuts. MMM i love nuts.

No Gain!!! Here is today's menu. Trying out the ham again. LOTS more water than normal to try and nuetralize the salt. and more nuts.

May 28 162.0 (2.4 below LDW) TOTAL CAL: 1857 (C/74;F/128;P/107;S/26)
Days 10(Meat):

B: blueberry/nut Mug Muffin, 2oz ribeye , 2c coffee,
S: 1c bluberries 1oz nuts
L:4oz ham, 2 c. salad, avocado, 7 sl cucumber,1/2 celery,1 tbsp sunflower seeds 2 tbsp Marie's Chunky Blue Cheese ,1 hb egg
D: 5 oz rosemary/lemon pepper chicken, garlic mashed cauliflower, side salad, 1 tbsp Marie's Chunky Blue Cheese, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, pc cocoa crack w/ almonds

Let you know how it goes

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