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P3D12...Amazing!!! im just sayin

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So gained some weight yesterday from the damn ham....but lost it all overnight!!!! that is 1.2 lbs gone!!!

Nuts definitely agree with me.

Today...a new meat. Turkey white and dark meat WITH skin. cooking a turkey in the crockpot. My calories are super high...highest they have ever been. my menu is listed below.

May 30 (162.0) (-1.2) (2.4 below LDW) TOTAL CAL: 1966(C/86;F/129;P/140;S/35)

Days 12(meat):
B: blueberry/nut Mug Muffin, 2c coffee
S: Peach w/ oz walnut
L: 5 oz chicken 2 c. salad,7 sl cucumber,1/2 celery, 2 tbsp sunflowerseeds 2 tbsp Marie's Chunky Blue Cheese, 1 hardboiled eggs
, 4 olives

D: Cauliflower mash potatos, 3.5 oz dark meat with skin turkey, 3.5 oz whitemeat with skin, 1C green beans, tbs buttter
D: 1C blackberries’, 3pcs cocoa crack

Going back to olives.. i could normally pput away like 10 -12 of these...but i eat JUST 2 and they seem so salty to me. anyone else?

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Updated June 1st, 2011 at 09:06 AM by RoxieHart