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P3D14...I knew it!!!!!

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Well i am at the end of 2nd week. after yesterday's prediction...I am DOWN .6 lbs.

Feeling very bloated today...TOM any day/minute now. damn TOM. trying out shellfish...well just shrimp. They caused me to stall a lil in p2. want to see what it does this time around. I am loving me some almond butter in the mean time...and some Min muff. Below is menu for today. Still keeping below 1800 cals...i want that 2lb cushion before i head on VACA next week. So scared of that...i will be in P4 the first day and havent the SLIGHTEST on how to approach...any suggestions?

June 162.8 (-.8) (1.6below LDW) TOTAL CAL: 1692(C/117;F/88;P/121;S/62)

Days 14(shellfish):

B: blueberry/nut Mug Muffin, 2c coffee,
S; 2 tbs almond butter, 1 apple
L: 5 oz rosemary/lemon pepper chicken, garlic mashedcauliflower

D: 7 oz shrimpstir fry
D: 1c bluberry 3 pcs cocoa crack

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