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P3D16...Cheese NOT so bad

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Well i introduced Cheese yesterday and didnt gain at all YAYAYAYY!!!!!

I am worried about tonight. Friends coming over and in order to prepare...i am finally introducing WINE and a mug cake mmmmm.

But i am close to LDW...we see Calories are over 2000...we will see if my predictions are true

June 3 163.8 (0) (.6 below LDW)(TOM) TOTAL CAL: 2008(C/73 F/125;P/112;S/23)
Days 16(cheese)(Alcohol)(dessert):

B: 2 eggs, 1sl. butter, ½ jalapeno, ¼ onion, 1 tomato; 2c coffee, 1oz cheddar cheese
S; ½ C blk berries
L: : 5 oz chicken 2 c. salad ¼ avocado, 7 sl cucumber,1/2 celery, 2 tbspsunflower seeds 2 tbsp Marie's ChunkyBlue Cheese , 1 hardboiled eggs,

D: Costco Bacon wrapped sirloin w/o bacon, sautéedpeppers onion mushroom
D: Mug Cake, 8oz of redzinfandel

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