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R1/P2/D15: Measurements!

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Protocol has been really easy except for accidents... I forgot to check for sugar in my garlic salt, starbucks vanilla blonde had sweetener that was probably sugar in the vanilla. went to dallas to visit family and they went to an awesome pizza place with beautiful salads, that was hard. overall, three days out of town and a one pound loss is better than gaining...and tom, so my favorite part of this week has been my measurements...worth it all!

1/5/13: ROUND 1: LOADING DAY 1: 192: LOADING DAY 2: 191
INCHES: BELLY/45: BUTT/46: THIGH/26: CALF/15.5: ARM/13: WAIST/ 39 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 39
VLCD DAY 1:195
VLCD DAY 2:191
VLCD DAY 3:189
VLCD DAY 4:187
VLCD DAY 5:186
VLCD DAY 6:185
VLCD DAY 7:184
INCHES: BELLY/44: BUTT/43: THIGH/24.5: CALF/15.25: ARM/12.75: WAIST/ 38 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 36.5
Vlcd day 8:183
Vlcd day 9:182
Vlcd day 10:181
Vlcd day 11:181
Vlcd day 12:180
Vlcd day 13:179
Vlcd day 14:179 (tom, trip to dallas, starbucks vanilla blonde coffe turned out to have sugar)
Vlcd day 15: 179
INCHES: BELLY/41.5: BUTT/43: THIGH/24: CALF/15.25: ARM/12: WAIST/ 35.5 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 35.5

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  1. RKGina's Avatar
    Omg I would love Starbucks!!!