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R1/P2/D21: Measurements!

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Stalled for a week! But lost 4lbs in the last 2 days so I am not as upset as I would have been. Stupid tom. I also changed up my calories a bit to take out brussell sprouts and apples and have asparagus, cucumbers, oranges and strawberries instead. I wanted to switch to the lower calorie options so that I could have steak and not worry about it. Also, no diet coke for 5 days now. I am drinking caffeinated coffee, though. I can also start wearing my old fat clothes again comfortably...I am around a size 16 now but will probably be in a 14 in a week or so. So thank God something is finally happening that is real evidence. I can't wait to be able to wear my old skinny clothes. And eat cheese! So today I am at around 15lbs lost...I really want to lose 20 more so that my next round is easy but it looks like I will be lucky to get another 10. I can't complain though, it's definitely worth it to fit into my clothes! Oh, and it is getting warmer outside than I expected it to be so soon, I don't know how much longer I can hold out from buying clothes if they keep being too small.

1/5/13: ROUND 1: LOADING DAY 1: 192: LOADING DAY 2: 191
INCHES: BELLY/45: BUTT/46: THIGH/26: CALF/15.5: ARM/13: WAIST/ 39 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 39
VLCD DAY 1:195
VLCD DAY 2:191
VLCD DAY 3:189
VLCD DAY 4:187
VLCD DAY 5:186
VLCD DAY 6:185
VLCD DAY 7:184
INCHES: BELLY/44: BUTT/43: THIGH/24.5: CALF/15.25: ARM/12.75: WAIST/ 38 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 36.5
Vlcd day 8:183
Vlcd day 9:182
Vlcd day 10:181
Vlcd day 11:181
Vlcd day 12:180
Vlcd day 13:179
Vlcd day 14:179 (tom, trip to dallas, starbucks vanilla blonde coffe turned out to have sugar)
Vlcd day 15: 179
INCHES: BELLY/41.5: BUTT/43: THIGH/24: CALF/15.25: ARM/12: WAIST/ 35.5 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 35.5
Vlcd day 16:179
Vlcd day 17:179
Vlcd day 18:179
Vlcd day 19:179
Vlcd day 20: 177 (prolonged tom)
Vlcd day 21:175
INCHES: BELLY/41.5: BUTT/42:THIGH/24: CALF/15: ARM/12: WAIST/ 35 : BREAST/40.5: CHEST: 35.5

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Your progress is inspiring. Thank you. Just a question...are you done round 1 now and going to stabilize now before round 2? I am beginning my first Round and plan to do 21 days. I would love to see a 20 pound loss like yours.
  2. ruchallenged's Avatar
    Wow...I hadnt realized it was 20lbs because I didnt count my loading weight...I was thinking about 15lbs...wow, that is pretty cool! I am on day 21, but I plan to keep going for 3 more weeks. Good luck! Pookster was my bros nickname growing up!