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R1/p2/d7 energy

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I had the craziest headache for a few days (caffeine withdrawal) and then I got ENERGY! It is awesome! I feel excited to plan things and be more active. I am doing things other than eat for fun...funny how I was so involved with eating all of the time. Now I have so much free time. I made a chicken pate with Italian seasonings and a splash of lemon juice for dinner and it was great. I can't wait to make it again...I threw in some chopped tomato to make a sort of chicken salad but next time I am just going to slice some tomato or cucumber and spread it on top. Ok, just wanted to quickly update my world before I forget. Nothing huge going on...not hungry, good energy, oh, had diet coke tonight, once a week might not kill me and I had been dreaming about it for a week. Skipped my fruit tonight just in case. I will do measurements on Sunday.

1/5/13: ROUND 1: LOADING DAY 1: 192
VLCD Day 1: 195!!!! Stupid Pizza!!!
INCHES: BELLY/45: BUTT/46: THIGH/26: CALF/15.5: ARM/13: WAIST/ 39 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 39
VLCD Day 2: 191
VLCD Day 3: 189
VLCD Day 4: 187
VLCD Day 5: 186

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