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R1/P2/D9: Measurements!

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CRAZY!!!!! Now I am going to look back at the last time I did HCG before having a baby. I am going to skip a shot on Sundays on this round, today is my first skip day and it hasn't been bad at all. Even if I was starving, just seeing my measurements boosted my willpower by 500%. Now to prepare for tomorrow...oh, having diet coke on weekends on this round. Not stalling with it and it is helping with my temptations when going to restaraunts with family. Having more energy was great this weekend though...I was more motivated to do things than usual so it feels like a full break from the monotony of work/school. Ok, so now my measurements!:

1/5/13: ROUND 1: LOADING DAY 1: 192: LOADING DAY 2: 191
INCHES: BELLY/45: BUTT/46: THIGH/26: CALF/15.5: ARM/13: WAIST/ 39 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 39
VLCD DAY 1:195
VLCD DAY 2:191
VLCD DAY 3:189
VLCD DAY 4:187
VLCD DAY 5:186
VLCD DAY 6:185
VLCD DAY 7:184
INCHES: BELLY/44(-2): BUTT/43(-3): THIGH/24.5(-1.5): CALF/15.25(-.25): ARM/12.75(-.25): WAIST/ 38(-1) : BREAST/44(same): CHEST: 36.5(-2.5)

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