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Results! On to P3!

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Total Loss: 25lbs and Inches: BELLY/-6: BUTT/-6:THIGH/-3.5: CALF/-1.25: ARM/-1.25: WAIST/ -4.5 : BREAST/-3.5: CHEST: -4.5
SO, Love the results, hate the fact I had gotten so big...also, had a really hard time the last few days. I was going to go until day 47 but I have felt so weak and dizzy the last few days I thought I better quit earlyish. My whole family has been battling the flu or something and it is probably that (I had the flu shot) but I just need to be stronger for work and I think 25lbs is a good stopping point. I'm not counting loading weight. Yay for p3! Going to go eat some breakfast with family and then cook up some goodies for tonight...maybe buffalo wings and a giant caesar salad. Now to look for recipes! This is my favorite part. Definitely worth the weight ;-)

1/5/13: ROUND 1: LOADING DAY 1: 192: LOADING DAY 2: 191
INCHES: BELLY/45: BUTT/46: THIGH/26: CALF/15.5: ARM/13: WAIST/ 39 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 39
VLCD DAY 1:195
VLCD DAY 2:191
VLCD DAY 3:189
VLCD DAY 4:187
VLCD DAY 5:186
VLCD DAY 6:185
VLCD DAY 7:184
INCHES: BELLY/44: BUTT/43: THIGH/24.5: CALF/15.25: ARM/12.75: WAIST/ 38 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 36.5
Vlcd day 8:183
Vlcd day 9:182
Vlcd day 10:181
Vlcd day 11:181
Vlcd day 12:180
Vlcd day 13:179
Vlcd day 14:179 (tom, trip to dallas, starbucks vanilla blonde coffe turned out to have sugar)
Vlcd day 15: 179
INCHES: BELLY/41.5: BUTT/43: THIGH/24: CALF/15.25: ARM/12: WAIST/ 35.5 : BREAST/44: CHEST: 35.5
Vlcd day 16:179
Vlcd day 17:179
Vlcd day 18:179
Vlcd day 19:179
Vlcd day 20: 179 (prolonged tom)
Vlcd day 21:177
Vlcd day 22: 175
INCHES: BELLY/41.5: BUTT/42:THIGH/24: CALF/15: ARM/12: WAIST/ 35 : BREAST/40.5: CHEST: 35.5
Vlcd day 23:174
Vlcd day 24:174
Vlcd day 25:173
Vlcd day 26:172
Vlcd day 27:171
Vlcd day 28:170
Vlcd day 29:170 (2/2/13)
INCHES: BELLY/40: BUTT/41.5:THIGH/23: CALF/14.5: ARM/12: WAIST/ 34.5 : BREAST/40.5: CHEST: 35.5
Vlcd day 30: 170
Vlcd day 31: 170
Vlcd day 32: 169
Vlcd day 33: 168
Vlcd day 34: 168
Vlcd day 35: 167
Vlcd day 36: 166
INCHES: BELLY/39: BUTT/40:THIGH/22.5: CALF/14.25: ARM/11.75: WAIST/ 34.5 : BREAST/40.5: CHEST: 34.5
Total Loss: 25lbs and Inches: BELLY/-6: BUTT/-6:THIGH/-3.5: CALF/-1.25: ARM/-1.25: WAIST/ -4.5 : BREAST/-3.5: CHEST: -4.5
P3/day 1: 166 (2/10/13)

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  1. Sar's Avatar
    Those are GREAT results! You've done really well and deserve some healthy fats and good P3 eating. Congrats on your losses!
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    Awesome Job.. becareful on P3 keep this 25 off!!!
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    Brilliant results! Congratulations!!!
  4. ruchallenged's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I am on day 4 of p3 and stabilizing at my last injection weight so that is a huge relief... thought it would keep going up from last vlcd day but luckily no...I think my body was just losing so much past last injection because I was unable to eat much with a stomach bug that has been going around. I have been eating great on p3 with a stocked fridge...hubby remarked how we always eat better at home than at restaurants whereas other people eat out to eat something good...I love p3!