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My 9th Anniverary

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Just wanted to share with everyone my wonderful 9th anniversary with my husband!

Being on P2 really limits your choices at what you can and cannot have, usually the cannots being the largest group.

First, I used the day to do a short fasting (just until dinner). We went to the Batting Cages (my choice), then we did some shopping at some specialty stores (Trader Joe's and the like) and then we went to dinner at Pour Folks. I knew going in what I was going to have, a steak and a diced tomato. The menu only carried one kind of steak, a New York cut (12 oz).

Now, I know with all the good smells and the joy of the situation, you feel that you can just throw caution to the wind, and just "this one time" have all those yummy entrees. Remember, the joy of an occasion like this is not the food, it's the company.

When the server took our order, I told her I was on a special diet and would like the New York steak cooked dry and diced tomatoes. I didn't raise a fuss. I didn't go overboard in substitutions, in fact, I ordered everything a la carte.

When I got my meal, I had to cut off the side of fat, and as I ate, I cut small pieces, and watched for marbling (which was lovely, but I didn't want to eat any extra fat). So, I cut off about 3 oz of fat, and as I ate, cut off another 3 oz, ate about 3 oz and had about 3 oz to take home.

Dinner was wonderful, I was pleasantly full, and found another food warning sign. When I start feeling full, the first urge is to start eating faster, so I can get all my food in me before I leave. How silly is that? I made mention to my husband how I was feeling, and didn't just start scarfing, instead, I put down my knife and fork, and pushed my plate away.

Then we went to the movies (The Avengers), and even though the popcorn/butter smell was enticing, I just ordered a large iced tea.

It was a wonderful date night. And even though I was on P2, it was easy to have a great dinner, enjoy a new restaurant, and enjoy being with my husband.

If you want to go out, go, but first make a plan. Most places serve steak or chicken, if it's not listed in the menu, ask the portion size. Most portions are pre cooked weight (3.5 oz = 100 g). You might be tempted to have the veggie of the day, but I suggest either salad (no fixings) or a diced tomato. Most prepared veggies are in some kind of buttery water.
Don't be afraid to order a la carte (on the side), and don't make a big deal out of it, especially when your husband orders the ribs (which you REALLY want to have), and describes them in detail, because he knows you really want to know how delicious they are (I am a glutton for punishment! But I am not a food glutton anymore!).

The one thing I really have learned is to recognize my triggers, and not only acknowledge them to myself, but also to my husband. It's through the acknowledgement, I am telling myself that these "wantings" are OK, even if I don't follow through with them.

And the total bonus? I woke up to a 1.2 lb loss!

You can go out and have fun, and food doesn't have to be the centerpiece of every occasion!

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  1. greyashmom's Avatar
    Happy Anniversary! Thank you so for the post. I am R1P2 starting week 3 - my friends are planning a huge Bday party for me in 2 wks and I really do not want to blow the progress I will have made by then - your post just gave me the inspiration to stick to my guns. Thanks you!
  2. Rusty's Avatar
    I was on hCG on July 4th too, a bbq is an easy way to stay on protocol! Just a thought for your b-day party.

    Happy losses and happy (early) birthday!!!