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Leap Day thoughts on Cheating

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One of my dear sisters here was mad at herself for eating a sandwich that she thought looked good. One of my bothers on here is OK during his work week, but struggles on weekends.
So many stories that I have read here are about "cheating". After they do, they regret, they beat themselves up, and then they have a hard time bouncing back to protocol.
If you are interested, here are my thoughts on "cheating".
Cheating implies that you are trying to be sneaky and get away with something that no one will find out about. When doing any diet, the only one that you need to answer to is YOU. How can you 'sneak' something passed yourself without you knowing? You can't. You aren't cheating, you are choosing.
With planned interruptions, you CHOOSE to stop protocol for a set amount of time. With unplanned interruptions, you are CHOOSING to eat something that is off protocol "just one time". Most of the time, you are not satisfied with going off protocol. The impulse was just that, an impulse. You really didn't want (fill in the blank), and once you had it, you realized it was no where close to as good as it sounded.
Here's the rub. Guilt sets in. You have done so much. You have worked so hard. You didn't have (fill in the blank), and really wanted it, but stopped yourself, last time. Why this time?
As a very large woman, I understand, as much, or even more than anyone, that need to jam food down your throat. Top that off with a society that talks outta both sides of it's face. Eat healthy and exercise, is the mantra of the medical sector and thin people. "Take a pill" is what we hear from the Pharma and diet industry. But then we are accosted by McDonald's (et al) commercials. Applebee's is have a 2 for $20 deal. Your friends who have supported your dieting are inviting you out to dinner to celebrate.
You know what you can and cannot have. if you have it, you have it. You are not cheating, you are choosing. You aren't a bad person. You aren't a failure. You are one person standing against an army of (mostly) well intended people, who think what worked for them (or someone they know) will work for you.
You against the world. The world will judge, they think it's their job.
Do they (the world) want you to fail? In most cases, no. Do you want you to fail? You might. So, using a word like "cheating" insures that you will feel like a failure.
Adjust your vocabulary. You choose to give something a taste. It was good. It wasn't good. It wasn't as good as you'd thought it would be. You went off protocol, it's not the end of the world (and it's judgements). Guess what, you can be honest with yourself that you made a bad choice. It happens.
If I didn't choose to stuff my face, I would have never been fat in the first place.
Now, it's time to choose.
You can choose to get back on the horse, or you can choose to beat yourself up and eat yourself into oblivion, or you can choose something in-between. No matter what, you choose.
Please make your choice to stop using the word "cheating". It's not a productive word in dieting and also used incorrectly.
Choose not cheat.

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  1. Tonks's Avatar
    I'm P2D36(25.4 lbs) I "chose" and I mean that literally to eat off protocol a couple of times. I wasn't hungry or craving it was purely psychological. I gained the next day and got back on the horse. My brain has been changed by HCG. I feel no guilt, I refuse to let guilt whisperings sneak in my brain. For Pete's sake I'm 25 lbs lighter than a month ago. I think sometimes we have to make the wrong choice and be stronger for it. I look at this round as a success. No, I didn't lose 40 lbs in 40 days. But I don't hate the diet. I look forward to maintenance and another round or 2. I love the paragraph starting with "As a large woman.." and the next paragraph. My Mom moved in with us last summer. She knows I'm dieting. She brings in constantly bags of Little Debbies, bags of M&Ms, donuts, and yesterday corned beef(can). I have learned,and maybe it's good for me, to be around all this junk and resist. No matter how loud it screams at me "Eat me,eat me!" I did almost cry over the corn beef:-) There is a world of food on every corner. We have choices to make. We can have some things but not everything today. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Rusty's Avatar
    Tonks! I am so glad that you are someone in "the know". I LOVE that you have beaten down your guilt monster! You are so right, no matter where we go, or what we do, food is going to always be "up in our face"!
    Sure, once in a while, we make choices (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) and it's okay. The world will still spin, and also we learn our limitations!
    Thanks so much for your response!
  3. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Thanks so much for this, it really helped me. I currently CHOOSE to finally endulge in that Chicken Salad I have been want/craving so bad. I did an excellent job savoring every last finger licking bite of HALF the sandwhich and then promptly gave the rest to my husband and told him I had satisfied my craving, and that I had ENDULGED myself in something I wanted. I loved it. I am currently 2 pounds up and I am soooooo OK with that. I know the inches are coming off and I know I will be back where I was soon. It was an amazing new way to look at my choice. (my rational thought was to eat a few bites of what I cant stop thinking about to get it out of my head)and seeing what you wrote, hit right on target for me Thanks