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Pounds AND Inches

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I am on VLCD11, since I am doing a 10 day week, I got to measure and take a "during" picture (pffttt...). So, here's the tally for my first VLCD10....(insert drum roll here)......Weight lost (as of this morning) 23.6! Inches lost (as of this morning) 15.25"!!!! Including 3" off my belly (my super problem area).

I hope everyone took beginning measurements, that tape measure will prove that you are not seeing things, and that people are not "just being nice", when they say you look thinner (the ever popular "I can see it in your face", ugh, I hate that one!).

This is so awesome! I just love HCG!!!

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  1. CBS's Avatar
    WOW!!! Way to go. I will go measure right now!
  2. Cpow's Avatar
    Yep... I had given up all hope. Now here I am 27+ pounds lighter and still loosing. I love HCG too!
  3. hsm's Avatar
    wow! that is awesome! I did my measurements at the beginning ....hmmm...where is that tape measure???? Keep up the good work!