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Back again and ready to LOSE!!!

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I am on my third VLCD, and in cruise mode. This is the first morning I have felt hungry (like that's possible on a load day!), but nothing unreasonable. I have lost 5.8 lbs in the past 2 days (although I gained 4+lbs during load).
I was rereading my other blogs here, and am just amazed at how far I've come. I feel like I don't remember being 325lbs (actually I do, vividly, but it seems far away).

I began HCG in February of this year, and stayed VLC for 70 days (not recommended), but it really worked for me. I am planning on another long round, definately 40 days, but I am thinking of going longer. I really like being on P2. I am also looking forward to living Paleo, which worked real well between my HCG rounds. On P3/4, staying Paleo I stayed 4 lbs below last drop weight, and then out of the blue I lost 4 more pounds, so I was 8 lbs below LDW until I loaded and gained 4 lbs. But, it does prove (at least to me) that Paleo will carry me for a lifetime. I knew breads were a goner when I headed out on this adventure, I like bread (and all it's cousins) way too much.

I hope everyone is making a plan for after HCG. If you are on HCG because you are like me in the morbidly obese/obese catagory, then please find a new eating habit. It's not about will power, 'cause if we had any, we would have never gotten this big. It's about your mindset. Will I miss cake at my children's birthday parties? No, not especially. Will I miss a huge plate of nachos? Yes, I will. Will I trade a plate of nachos for the 5 lbs I just lost? Hell, NO! Bye bye Nachos, bye bye cake, bye bye Big Macs, Whoppers, Double doubles, french fries, french toast, hash browns, rice, mashed potatoes, cookies, ice cream, milk chocolate (I eat 70-90% dark). Lots of bye bye's, but no regrets. Food is what I need to be healthy and strong, not my reason for living.
Life is why I am alive. My children, growing old with my husband, riding rides at Disneyland, going hiking, camping, tubing, jet skiing. Turns out you can do a lot of living without grains, legumes, sugar, or milk.

If I get hit by a bus, well, at least I will have died healthy, not so fat that I have to be buried in a grand piano sized coffin. That is the only "morbid" that I am associated with now (I am just "obese", heading for my goal of being just "overweight").

Happy losses to all!

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  1. marvless's Avatar
    Great post Rusty! No one needs to eat all that processed food anyway - thin or large, it's bad for everyone!
    Regarding hunger, I saw a post by Grammy recently and she said if you 're still hungry on a load day it's a sign that your dose is too high. I wouldn't be surprised if you needed to adjust it this time around. I'm in R4 and my dose has gotten smaller with each round.

    Best wishes for a successful round!